Dear Sjana, you beautiful ray of sunshine!
I came to this yoga retreat just with the expectation to have some time to calm myself a bit down after a lot of work over the past months and you blessed us with so much more: guiding us to self-experience and personal growth, a lot of wise and true words that will stick in my head forever and this beautiful gift of sharing your own stories and time with us. I felt so grateful for being there and experiencing this amazing week with all of these beautiful and unique souls on a stunning greek island. Your smile and happiness is catching and we had such fun times together while jumping off the cliffs or eating ice cream before dinner – my inner child was thrilled about all of that and there was no room for any negative feelings or thoughts this whole week! I felt so blessed and grateful and I’m still feeling the positive impact this whole week had on my daily life.
The yoga classes with you were the best I’ve ever been to and I loved your style to teach and guide us through these precious hours of the day. You’re a wise and old soul who gave everybody a safe space to grow within the classes what I absolutely loved. This week was all about grounding and growing within an atmosphere of warmth, security and connecting with each other. 
Thank you so much for this week, namaste and SEE YOU SOON xx
- Lisa Fenzl
The retreat guided by the purest soul on planet earth.
Sjana, was like coming home. The home that you haven’t been back in years where you reconnect with your true self, mother nature and others deeply. Sjana created a safe and comfortable place, removed from all judgements, where we could have room to grow and learn. She made sure the entire experience was comprehensive by encouraging us to take time to:
Enjoy the sunset, sunrise and nature, Learn more about ourselves on the mat and outside the world, Relax, Explore, Connect with new people, Mediate, Exercise, Share delicious and nutritious food while having positive and inspiring conversations, Be adventurous, And of course, practice lots of yoga.
 Although it was hard to leave my family for a week, this retreat impacted my entire life and my family since they have been able to enjoy from all the benefits and growth. Sjana has inspired me and continues to inspire me to become my best self and to make small changes to create a better and safer world for our children. She made me realize that there is so much more we can do every day to live to our full potential, help others and take care of mother nature! Thanks so much Sjana for teaching me so much in so little time and for leading by example.
FYI, my kids (4 and 5 year old) and I started meditating together! 😊
- Yamile Underwood
 Sjana, your retreat has been a gift from the divine. A place where we were met with kindness and understanding. A place where we learned to lift each other up. A place where I received help lovingly, without judgement.
A place where I was able to find my true self. A save haven filled with love & light. I’m forever grateful. 
Sending you love & light,
- Nienke Hertogh

Sjana is Miss Sunshine herself: warm, loving and knowledgeable as she is. It was a true pleasure to learn from her and be part of her playful yoga classes. 
- Sanne Hofman


Breathe it in. Let it go. Life takes you in every direction. In today’s society, it is considered crazy to take 7 days off from life. Don’t let yourself be someone that believes that. Your body loves you. It heals you without you even realising it. Even when you punish it, it works hard to keep you alive. Be kind to it, give it what it deserves. It deserves love. And Sjana spreads love so warm that she lights a fire inside everyone she meets.
Sjana taught us how to arrive on our mats; how to unearth; how to accept; how to connect with our inner fire; and how to grow. If this isn’t enough, we were surrounded by yummy, healthy, homemade, plant based food everyday and we were surrounded by the most incredible views on the island of Koufonisia. I did not expect to develop such a deep connection with others on the trip. I decided to do the retreat to deepen my yoga practice (which it most certainly did), however, I was surrounded by healthy, happy, like minded individuals who helped me learn and grow every day.
Thank you Sjana for your love.
- Rose


Your retreat was life changing for me. It showed me how beautiful life can be, if you make the best out of it. Sjana you are amazing, spending as much time as you could with us. Chatting with us, not just about yoga also about so many personal things. I love how open-minded you are and that you are all in, by any kind of adventure. (Cliff jumping was such great fun) YOU where the reason I started Yoga and this retreat showed me exactly why. Yoga is really not just a kind of workout, it’s truly a way of life that’s just one of many things you showed me. I knew that it would be a great experience, but it was even better than all of my expectations. I loved it so much spending time with you and all the other beautiful souls on this retreat. Miss my Yoga Family a lot and hope to see them all very soon. Lots of love and many hugs.
PS: Miss your warm hugs tons. Especially the ones in the morning on the beach.

My feedback retreat:I really loved everything about the retreat. For me, everything about it was perfect, I wouldn’t have changed anything about it.
Your yoga classes where so healing and amazing. such an amazing week. I can’t even describe, how magical the Yoga classes with you have been and how much they have taught me, also besides improving my Yoga skills. You are such an amazing soul, with such an incredible personality. Thanks also for bringing all of those beautiful people together. I really made true friendships, all over the world and that is the most amazing gift I could ever get.
 Much of love and many hugs.
- Melli


I often think back to this magical week (wish it never ended)! This amazing retreat has changed my life and mindset for the better. Just thinking about it makes me smile. I had the best time and I’m very grateful for everyone I’ve got to meet. Never have I experienced so much love from “strangers” who I’ve grown very close to. We are still in contact with each other, some of us already had a small reunion.
- Lea Betschart