First Venture into Sustainable Fashion - Tees designed by Sjana

First Venture into Sustainable Fashion - Tees designed by Sjana

I have been working on this project for a long time now.
And I've been working on it, with my Mum actually! We thought it'd be a fun little side project for us to collaborate on and create something together.
And it was! But it also came with its fair share of obstacles and challenges.

My main focus, was to ensure that the t-shirts and all the associated processes and stages, were as eco-friendly and sustainable as we could make them. Now, mind you, this is not as easy as it sounds. As there is a LOT more that goes in to the manufacturing and distribution of ANYTHING than you would expect! (Or at least, a lot more than I expected). Researching and finding a printing company that was local, wholesaled quality t-shirts, would work with me on my mission to limit plastic use, source ethically-produced and eco-friendly t-shirts, use eco-friendly inks and processes AND didn't cost the moon was hard enough. Let alone the logistics, the design process, and all the emails and random hurdles we came across along the way.

This was an ADVENTURE that my Mum and I went on. We learned an awful lot about the process, but also about ourselves and each other. We learned a lot to also help improve on any further collections we put together. 

These t-shirts are made with love, and good intention. They may not tick all your boxes, but for a first effort, we did everything we could to ensure they were as ethical, affordable, sustainable and eco-friendly as we could. If you have any constructive ideas or suggestions, please let us know, to head us in the right direction.

The designs, are each a tribute to a different cause, message or mission - something that means a lot to us as women, a Mother, a Daughter, both as Sisters, and as humans who feel and care deeply for the environment and our Mumma Earth and Ocean. 

It is our hope that you can wear these t-shirts with as much pride and love that went in to designing them. 

From our hearts to yours, thank you. Thank you for caring. Thank you for constantly doing the best you can.

Love and light,
Sjana & Sjana’s Mum x