The Sumba Foundation

The Sumba Foundation

The Sumba Foundation is a nonprofit, nongovernment organisation dedicated to enhancing the lives and lessening the consequences of poverty of the Indigenous Sumbanese people, whilst still preserving and respecting their culture, heritage and history.

During our stay at Nihiwatu, we spent some time learning from experience about the Sumba Foundation and all of the incredible work they are doing across Sumba to enrich the lives of the locals. Focusing on everything from providing accessible and clean drinking water to villages, running free anti-malaria programs and clinics, running a daily school lunch program as well as helping in other areas of education and health. We visited the anti-Malaria clinic, saw a few of the drinking-water sources they have implemented and helped to serve up meals to school children who otherwise may not have eaten a meal that day.

Seeing their smiling faces and getting to know the children briefly, even if just for half an hour, you truly get to see what kind of an impact we are so easily able to have on both individuals and communities like Sumba. 

So happy and proud to be able to get involved in something so important!! If you ever come to Sumba, I definitely recommend tagging along to experience it for yourself.

For more information you can visit their website and socials:

Instagram: @sumbafoundation 

Love and light,
Sjana x