Confidence Doesn't Come In A Certain Sized Package

Confidence Doesn't Come In A Certain Sized Package

Anonymous asked: I feel as though I'm never going to feel confident with myself and the only way i can do this is if i become fit and healthy but it feels like I've tried everything. im just failing so hard! I just want to loose a few extra kilos.


You are not your weight. Losing a few extra kilos will not make you suddenly content and happy with yourself. The person you are is already beautiful, you just need to take a good hard long look at yourself and see that. Don’t always put yourself down. Recognise the things about yourself and qualities you possess that are truly wonderful! and embrace them :) allow yourself

to love yourself.

Here are some tips: 
1. If you compliment yourself everyday, as often as you can (even little things, like “I am a good friend”, “I am honest”, “I am blessed to have the people in my life that I do, and that means I have done something right along the way in order to attract them and keep them in my life” or even if it’s just “damn. dat ass..”, or “i make a mean ham, cheese and tomato toasty”. You’ll begin to pick out and notice your good traits, rather than only ever focusing on the negatives. We all over analyse our flaws and this consequently magnifies them - makes them seem so much bigger, worse and more significant than they really are - by admitting your good qualities, you will bring a better sense of balance into your life, making you feel more content and stable with yourself. And that’s not even with any exercising!

2. Then add in a little bit of “you” time everyday. Yes we all live hectic lives these ays, time gets away. but you are important, and precious. You do DESERVE some time just for yourself to relax and unwind - whether it be a bath, a book, a tv show, meditation, yoga, a slow bike ride, even just a perfect cup of tea or coffee.. we all have something that fills us with joy (the feeling of grinning on the inside). Find yours and allow yourself to indulge!

3. Compliment or help others. Doing good for someone else, bringing a smile to their face, will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS give you a feeling of satisfaction and purpose. It is the best way to change your mood - anytime! you’ll not only help them, you’ll lift your own spirit and attitude :) 

4. Eat clean. drink clean. I know it’s the oldest thing in the book - but it really works! reducing the amount of processed and packaged food you eat, will have an impact on your vitality and mood! It is the easiest switch as eating healthy food instead of packaged goods is so much more FUN! be creative, you’re allowed to play with your food (as long as you make it look pretty and then eat it after taking your instagram shot of it ;) haha). Seriously though, the natural high your body will get from filling it with so many good nutrients and elements will be amazing. You will start to feel ALIVE not just existing or surviving. try it! i double dare you to tell me i’m wrong! ;) 

5.  Stay active. Try just move, stay on your feet. walk, run, skip, hop, dance, prance, swim, ride, crawl, jump, roll, tumble, surf, paddle, peddle, row, glide, skate, flip. take the stairs, walk not drive, glide around with energy and a will to be active. The endorphins released will give you a natural boost and an all over glow! 

6. SMILE! smile at strangers, friends, family, animals, even smile at yourself! The sheer action of moving your facial muscles into an upward curvature (smile), is a automatic way of increasing your mood. It is psychologically linked to your motor memory - you smile because you’re happy. :):):) 




Anonymous asked: I'm fat, bored/boring, and depressed. What shall I do?


Go look in the mirror. Go stare at the BEAUTIFUL reflection in that goddam reflective piece of glass until you truely believe that you are NONE of those things. For every insult you criticise yourself with, give yourself five positive compliments! You are so much more than you even believe, one day you’ll see it. You’ll be telling yourself that you are at your lowest, that you can’t do something and you’ll honestly for a second believe that you can’t. And then you’ll have a moment of pure clarity when you realise that you can be whatever you want to be or become. The only limitations are the ones you give yourself. Your worst enemy has been your mind but only because you let it be. It can also be your best friend and greatest blessing if you are willing to let it help you, help yourself.

“Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”. So you go to that mirror. And you smile. You tell yourself over and over how unique, blessed and BEAUTIFUL you really are. Reassure yourself, everyday, multiple times from here on in that you are strong, confident, courageous and capable of absolutely anything you want to be capable of. Learn to love yourself and accept yourself for all that you are and aren’t; all that you have and don’t have, learn to love yourself for everything you are blessed with. Because really, I mean really really, it is amazing. YOU are amazing.


Love and light,
Sjana x