How To: Band Free Bun

How To: Band Free Bun

We've all been caught hair band-less before.. Whether it be a spontaneous or unexpected "snap", losing it in the water, or being an ace friend and giving it to someone else and forgetting to get it back.

Here's my innovative discovery of how to tie your hair up in a stable bun, NO HAIR BAND REQUIRED! And it's as simple as 4 simple steps!

1. Gather hair into one thick section on the top of your head, as you normally would to prepare for any regular pony tail. One hand at base to secure the hair.

2. Keeping your hand at the base of the hair, split your index and middle finger to be seperate from your third finger and pinkie. wrap the hair around the index and middle finger, securing it with the other fingers. Looping the excess hair underneath, and grasping the tips between your index and middle fingers. (by this stage your hand will almost be wrapped up too!) Note: This can be very confusing, and may take a few attempts to figure out which way to twist the hair, but once you figure it out it becomes rather simple!

3. If you've done it correctly, you should be able to then use the grasped hair to pull it through the hole/gap your hand has created for the hair. Pull it tightly for a tighter and more secure bun. You will now have a know on your head and probably some funny looking sprouting excess tips of hair making it look like a tree is sprouting from your head! If you do - GOOD JOB! ;)

4. Use the excess hair/tips and wrap it around the knot to form a neat little bun. If you twist it tight enough it will even stay without a bobby pin! And will be equally secure as a bun with a hair band.. Only better for your hair! woohoo!

Happy band-free-bunning

Love and light,
Sjana x