Looking Good Whilst Working Out

Looking Good Whilst Working Out

Yesterday, on my advice blog ( I was asked how to look good for guys whilst working out...


My answer?


“Do nothing. If anything, stick your tongue out and pant like a dog. Sweat like a pig, intentionally forget deodorant and then make unattractive grunting and snorting sounds. Flail your arms around uncontrollably and trip over like a clutz. Do whatever you humanly can to make yourself UNATTRACTIVE to the male species... You, as a beautiful young female, should not be doing or have to do anything to make yourself more attractive to males. Nor to other females for that matter. Your workout and “you time” should not have to be jeopardised or limited simply due to what others may think of you.


The idea that females should appear a certain way, or do (or not do) certain things purely due to stereotypes, social expectations or gender “norms”, disgusts me. Females should be able to do what ever they desire, looking however they darn well want to. As should males! If looking and being sweaty, smelly, exhausted, out of breath, bright red and tired from workout makes someone unattracted to you, that says a lot more about them than it does about you! 


1. That’s just shallow, and you don’t need to have room in your life for those kinds of negative, poisonous and critical people - no matter how “hot” they are! Remember ladies (and gents); personality over looks ANYDAY!


2. They are probably being moody, and judgemental because they are seriously lacking their own endorphins (a “feel-good” chemical released through physical activity). If they were to workout more they would know that the natural high of exercise is so worth all the pain, sweat and effort!


3. Clearly they are an alien. If they can do a workout and not sweat or look and feel sticky and gross; they aren’t human. OR they aren’t working hard enough.. Proving you are stronger and more determined than they are!


You go girl!

Remember... Are you working out for others? ...

Or are you working out for YOU!”

Love and light,

Sjana x