East Coast Mexico - Cancun And Tulum

East Coast Mexico - Cancun And Tulum

Unfortunately, we had a LOT of rain while we were there... but that in itself was something to experience!! Never have I ever witnessed rain SO heavy. The roads would flood in less than thirty seconds - and I'm not even exaggerating! We didn't let the weather stop us from adventure seeking though! We had hired a car which made getting around a bit easier and drier for us, but the transport there seemed to be pretty ok for getting out and about, even in the less populated areas.

After spending a few days in the more touristy and built-up area of Cancun, Sam and I invited a few friends who we were with in San Francisco to come and stay with us in Tulum! We lashed out on a fairly expensive but beautiful AirBnB house/complex and spent our days exploring the natural, cultural and historical wonders of Mexico. Cenote hunting was an absolute must! Gran Cenote was one of my favourites!! But others like XelHa and Ik Kil were just as magical!

Swimming in the cenotes and underwater caves is a definite "to do" in Mexico!!! So is hiring a private chef if you have the opportunity. We hired a chef to come to our accomodation and cook the four of us up a mexican feast! It cost us $15 US per head and then the cost of groceries on top of that and we had SO much DELICIOUS food it wasn't funny! And then because we loved him so much, we hired him to come again and again!! Breakfast AND dinners haha :)

Some of my other favourite places to explore were the coastal Tulum Ruins and one of the new world wonders, the Chichen Itza. We really didn't have enough time or good weather to get out and about as much as we wanted, so Mexico will be remaining on my "wishlist" of places to see more of in the future. It is such a huge and diverse country and we would really like to soak in a bit more of the Mexican culture and beauty (as well as more of the food!).