Jungleroom Bali

Jungleroom Bali

Located just ten minutes away from the main area of Canggu, and away from the hustle and bustle, The Jungleroom might be just the kind of escape you need in your life!

An oasis built inside lush greenery, this place is every health-nuts dream!
Daily yoga in an open air yoga shala, groovy outdoor work stations, picturesque hammock situations, fairy swings laced throughout the gardens, a juice bar and vegetarian/vegan Health Bar / Café open daily until 6pm, and little bungalows and villas that make you feel as if you are one with nature and the jungle!

Such a cute little space, and definitely a great location for solo travellers or groups.
There is a communal pool and everyone is so lovely and chatty!
Especially the owners! If they are around, definitely give them a smile and a quick “G-day!”

Daniella, the yoga instructor is also such a Goddess! Highly recommend her classes on the daily!

We stayed in a villa called “Villa Mango”. A big three bedroom, three bathroom villa with a pool, a bunch of sunshine and even a couple of mango trees that provide  surprise drop-in fruits every now an then!
The villa staff are divine, so helpful and kind! And they always ensure there is lots of fresh fruits in the bowls (which I am a HUGE fan of!! Dragon fruits are my favourite!!)

Instagram: @jungleroombali 
Airbnb: Villa Mango

Love and light,
Sjana x