I didn't get to see much of Nicaragua on my trip there. But what I DID have the honour of witnessing, was nothing short of extraordinary...
it feels as if the rainforest met the ocean and a whole new heaven was created!

I was in Nicaragua co-hosting a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Course with the Yoga Academy International. The Yoga Training was one thing i'll never forget! However the views, the serenity and the natural beauty of the country will leave me in awe for years to come. 

I'll be honest - Originally, I was a little skeptical about going. There has been reports in the International news lately all about the political upheaval and riots in Nicaragua, and I wasn't sure it would be safe. However, after I did my research and sought out confirmation from the other instructors I was reassured it was safe, calm and these fears were nothing to be concerned about.
They were right. 
I am actually GLAD we went to Nicaragua right after the political disputes, as it 1. Allowed us to see Nicaragua in it's quiet state (the media scared away a lot of tourists with their negative reports) and 2. It was an honour to be able to give back to their economy. Especially after witnessing the way the political conflict and media coverage impacted the economy and the locals, it was truly humbling to be able to be there and provide jobs and payment back to the people.
(Who, by the way are ALWAYS smiling, kind and very very generous!)

We were on-site at the Yoga Training for the three weeks, but once every week we had a day off and we used this time to wander in to town, explore, enjoy the sights and the markets and the local energy and cuisines! (and even some of the local street festivals!)

Here are some of the images from our trip:

Love and light,
Sjana x