Palawan Photo Diary - Part 1

Palawan Photo Diary - Part 1

8 days, 2 people, 1 shared love for travel.

Nestled comfortably inside the Philippines, Palawan is every water-lovers paradise!
Crafted from white sand beaches and turquoise blue water - this region becomes every divers heaven!

My partner and I spent a little over a week island hopping and exploring around the beautiful magic of Palawan!
We had no idea what to expect, as neither of us had ever been to Palawan before. And what we found, was some of the most unique and BEAUTIFUL places both below and above the surface. 
Amazing food, friendly people, beachfront cabins, beaming sunshine, rolling hills, untouched mountains, vibrant coral gardens and an abundance of sea life to discover.
Being water-lovers ourselves, we quickly discovered how extraordinary Palawan was.

We were exploring Palawan with a company called 8 days Palawan. Using local knowledge and experience, 8DP curates and designs VERY affordable travel blueprints for you to be able to best explore, see and experience Palawan in all its glory! So you can enjoy all the sun and fun (and be put in touch with trustworthy and reputable companies and hotels/resorts), without any of the cost or stressors usually associated with planning a holiday!

We stayed a few nights around Coron islands at a dive resort, then moved to a smaller island with a beautiful clifftop resort overlooking the surrounding islands, then transferred to a very unique and beautiful resort called the Two Seasons resort, and then spent one last night at the Nobu hotel and Casino on the mainland before flying out.

We did everything from boats, to beach picnics, to lagoons, waterfalls, snorkelling coral reefs, free diving old ship-wrecks, scuba diving with clown fish, mini-hikes, jet-ski adventures, riding in tricycles, explored hidden caves, kayaked through mangroves to secret thermal pools, made friends with the locals and even a couple of island puppies, lounging on the sand and chilling by pools.
Here's what the first few days looked like...

More pics coming soon...

Love and light,
Sjana x