First Time Visitor To Los Angeles

First Time Visitor To Los Angeles

The Golden Triangle – three of Los Angeles’ hottest, happening and hip locations – incorporates Santa Monica, Downtown LA and Hollywood.

Situated on the west coast of America, these LA districts are home to big-name celebrities, top venues, renowned sights, famous beaches and hiking trails, infamous streets, and shopping that even the famous are in awe of. Not to mention expensive cars to lust over, mansions to dream about, weather that is almost always sunny and no lack of entertainment, good food and surprises.

My time in Los Angeles was spent experiencing as many sights as possible. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is a legitimate worry of mine, especially while travelling. So I was eager to see and do as much as I could.


I started in Hollywood, staying at the beautiful Mondrian Hotel on Sunset Boulevard. Welcomed with warm smiles and sunshine, I hit the deck for a pool session, hiked Runyon Canyon, cruised along the Walk of Fame, strolled down Rodeo Drive and indulged at as many cafes and eateries as my stomach could handle, including the famous Nobu restaurant (racking up an impressive dinner bill, mind you).


Before I knew it, I was smelling sea salt by the beach in Santa Monica again. Once my luggage was safe and sound in my modern room at the Viceroy Hotel, I headed out to explore the beach bike path, played on the rings at Muscle Beach and soaked up some summer sunshine on the Santa Monica Pier, while mango ice cream dripped steadily down my hand.

Exploring on foot, people-watching and losing myself in the beachy culture and summer vibes of the streets and cafes is definitely a favourite pastime of mine when in the Santa Monica sunshine.


Downtown LA produces some of the most beautiful sunsets viewed through the vast concrete buildings. Even better is viewing the sunsets from the rooftop bar and pool of The Standard, Downtown LA. Breathtaking!

There is just so much life and buzz in this city and you can absorb it all, whether you take in the arts, culture and history at a slow pace or jump headlong into the hustle, bustle and nightlife.

Love and light,
Sjana x