Going Pro In Sydney

Going Pro In Sydney

I often get asked about which camera I use or would recommend ... but I actually use more than one, depending on lots of things i.e whether I want high-res stills, video footage, underwater, adventure and movement, portrait, landscape etc Sometimes, especially with travelling I have to limit myself to just one - especially when packing a day bag or for a week of adventure travel. The pics for the blog today were all taken on gopro - giving me the flexibility to take both stills and video in all sorts of locations and environments. Through researching all the models and the accessorise and gadgets, over time I've made friends with the rad people at @GoProAnz, so when they asked me to come and have a bit of fun and a few giggles with them at the Australian Open for Surfing Launch day, of course I jumped at the idea!


Sydney + surf + photography+ sunshine and new and old friends  = one unforgettable day. 
We hung around the contest for a while, then headed over to check out the skate bowl (crazy high!! it's like 12 ft!) and then hired tandem bikes and rode around to a quiet little beach, played in the water for a while, and then rode back in to Manly for a feast at Four Oak Restaurant.

The next morning we woke up bright and early and went and saw sunrise at Bondi beach - breathtaking!  Then we headed over to a breakfast at the Bondi Ice Bergs for #GoProGirl International Women's Day (IWD) . IWD is actaully on the 8th March, but we all got together a little earlier to celebrate! 

The images (all taken on a GoPro) tell the story for you ...

Love and light,

Sjana x