Hakone - Japan

Hakone - Japan

Hakone is extremely cold, yet equally beautiful! 


The scenery, nature, and even the smell is rejuvenating and empowering… spending only one night here was certainly not enough.. The sunset alone was entirely unrivalled! 


Views of the magnificent, snow-capped Mt. Fuji can be seen intermittently whilst driving through the winding curvaceous, hill-hugging roads. And that view alone is worth an entire trip to Japan!! We took a quick cable trip up a mountain to some Natural Sulphur Pools. The local delicacy here is “black eggs” ... eating one supposedly increases your life by seven years, two for fourteen years, three for twenty one years and if you eat four… well, you will probably be sick!

We also experienced a beautiful sunset river cruise in Hakone, before heading further up the mountain to our traditional Japanese-style accommodation and dinner. The isolation of this accommodation served only to enhance the uniqueness – it was almost like we had gone through a portal deep into traditional culture. After showering in a traditional Japanese shower (sitting on a stool) and changing into our very own Traditional Japanese style robes and footwear (which is more than acceptable to wear around the hotel (regardless of what you are, or aren't, wearing underneath!), we made our way to a traditional Japanese-style eating hall (where you sit on the ground), and enjoyed a very extravagant traditional Japanese banquet, countless coursed dinner of soups, sashimi, sushi, salads, pickled goods, noodles, and even our own little stove-cooker to cook our own Japanese style stew! After a cherry blossom flavoured sponge cake  and fruit dessert we headed back to our rooms where staff had made up our beds… traditional Japanese style futons (there is no bed in the room originally - only two tables and cushions on the ground.. They set it up for you whilst you are at dinner!). Then after relaxing in the Onsen (traditional communal hot baths) for a bit, sleep takes over so easily to prepare you for another day of adventuring…


Love and light,
Sjana x