Los Angeles With Jerrah - Photo Diary

Los Angeles With Jerrah - Photo Diary

Los Angeles is one of those places I seem to end up in a lot. 
Every couple of months, I'll look around me, and realise I've woken up half way across the world... and I'm certainly not complaining!
I've met so many amazing people and friends and creatives and brands there, that it has started to feel like a second home!
This time, was a little different though.

This time was Three weeks, Two girls, and One mission; FUN!

One of my closest girlfriends (ten year friendship and still going strong!! yew!) had a break up with her boyfriend and told me she was moving home from Darwin to Newcastle. This meant leaving her job, and temporarily moving back in to her little sister's room at her parents' house. So, with her being such a good friend, I told her to pack her bags as we were going to LA. I bought us two tickets, and four days later we were embarking on what would be one of the greatest, most liberating and memorable trips of my life... and I travel quite a bit, and experience a LOT. so that's saying something!! 
Here's a photo diary of how it went down...


Love and light,
Sjana x