NIHIWATU - No.1 Hotel in The World!

NIHIWATU - No.1 Hotel in The World!

Sumba is an almost untouched Island about an hour flight from Bali.
I’d never been before, and didn’t really know what to expect. But I’ll tell you now, it was far more amazing than I ever could have imagined!

Upon arrival we were greeted by the friendly faces of airport representatives from Nihiwatu Resort (awarded Travel & Leisure No.1 Hotel In The World 2016), a place we would call home for the next five days! They then escorted us to private cars which took us to the hotel. (The cars even had little hand-woven bamboo baskets filled with healthy treats like granola slice and banana bread wrapped in banana leaves. It was all rather adorable!!). The drive to the Hotel was about two hours, and full of different sights. I felt like I was going to kink my neck constantly trying to swap from one window to another to see as much as I could. 
The island of Sumba is still rather free from the Western ways. Houses are hand built with locally sourced materials, many families all live together under the one roof and in villages, water buffalo can be seen walking around and there is always a bunch of kids playing outside. Technology and electricity are minimal, meaning everyday life appears more challenging, however the people seem happier than ever!

It reminded me a little bit of Africa to be honest..

As we entered the resort we descended down a winding mountain road, through the trees and overlooking a breath-taking view of the ocean and coastal landscape - one of the most famous surf breaks in the world directly under our noses.

Upon pulling up at reception, we were presented with a cold juice and a cool scented towel to refresh. Staff were quick to introduce themselves and show us around the resort.

It was HUGE! There was so many different paths and little walkways leading to the ocean, the forest or somewhere mysterious. I was shown to my villa where I met my luggage and my Butler for the week, Anggi. (I don’t really like using the word “butler” as she is really more like a friend, so I just decided to keep it to a first name basis.) Anggi showed me around my villa (and our walkie-talkie we could use to reach her on when needed) and then around the Resort bar, restaurant and provided me with an itinerary for the week. My eyes lit up when I saw a range of activities ranging from daily yoga classes at the world-class yoga pavilion, horseback riding on the beach at sunset, organic/vegan chocolate making in the chocolate factory, a half day Spa Safari, a trip with the Sumba Foundation, surf trips, cultural trips to local villages, and a stand up paddle board adventure down a beautiful Sumba river.

Throughout our trip we experienced all of this ... and some! We even got to release baby turtles back in to the ocean as part of the Nihiwatu turtle protection and conservation program (#goals I know!!!) Other activities and excursions available include waterfalls, beaches, boat rides, snorkelling and trips to Coconut Cove.

All of the villas are unique and designed to be both homely but spacious with a modern twist.
I was staying in an incredible two story villa with a private infinity pool and views of the ocean. It had an outdoor bathroom in the master bedroom and the bed was covered in a beautiful princess-esque mosquito net, making me feel like true royalty!

I’ve attached a bunch of images so you can get a feel of how amazing this place truly is. It’s the kind of place you want to share with all of your closest friends and family because it is such a magical experience!

I actually made good friends with the Yoga Instructor and there may be some exciting news coming your way shortly!!! I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I can say that you may want to start making availability around early-mid October.
 (hint: it starts with "Y" and ends in "oga and movement retreat" !! )

Nothing confirmed yet ... But Stay Tuned!

You can find more information on Nihiwatu resort at:
Instagram: @nihiwatu

Love and Light,
Sjana x