Nihiwatu - Take Two!

Nihiwatu - Take Two!

Nihiwatu is something else...
Heaven on earth. A place like no other.

This was my second time at Nihiwatu, and if it is even possible, it was somehow more magical!
The sun shone brighter, the colours were more electric, the energy was higher and even the flowers were in bloom!

A different time of year made so much difference to the overall vibrations and energy of the resort.
Although the first time was still incredibly beautiful, with the moody skies and bellowing ocean. But this time it felt more serene, light and airy.

Nihiwatu has been voten no.1 Hotel in the WORLD for two years in a row now.. And going back again, it is easy to see why!
I was given my own private villa, you’re introduced to your personal butler, the staff are ALWAYS so smiley! There is a chocolate shop hidden inside a fairy forest, the restaurants and food is just exquisite, the service unrivalled and there is world class surfing and the most picturesque beach right in front of your villa.
it is like waking up inside a luxury travel magazine, every morning!

See for yourself!

You can find more information on Nihiwatu resort at:
Instagram: @nihiwatu

Love and light,
Sjana x