Ocean Soul Yoga & Surf Retreat - Bali

Ocean Soul Yoga & Surf Retreat - Bali

Imagine a Balinese Wellness Retreat.

Imagine a place of complete and utter rejuvenation. A place secluded and serene. A place of growth and change. A place abundant in positive energy flowing freely.

A place where your meals are all cooked for you, healthy and nourishing, made with love and care.

A place to refresh. A place to recover. A place to replenish your energy, invigorate your senses, and provoke positive changes within yourself.
A place where your mind, body, soul and spirit are all nurtured with the gentlest nature and deepest love. 
A place over-flowing with empowering feminine energy.
A place where you can disconnect, connect, grow, move, and simply BE.

Imagine Heaven on Earth...
What if I told you that this place actually exists? And it is as beautiful, tranquil and extraordinary as you think!  Because it does... and I was blessed enough to spend an unforgettable week there.

Don't get me wrong, I've been on "retreats" before. And from my personal experience, they usually successfully manage to incorporate fun, fitness and friends all in one. However, this time I found somewhere, a retreat, with that extra something-something... a real sense of "Soul" resonating with my own ... Ocean Soul Retreat.

So if I am completely honest with you, I wasn't expecting to find Heaven. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. Based on my previous experiences with retreats, I was expecting some surfing, some workouts or yoga, to make a handful of new friends, to share a few laughs and occasionally everyone will go out to enjoy the local nightlife scene together and I will be left sitting alone at the villa sipping minted hot water because that's my preferred cup of tea (NB while I am not entirely adverse to partying and drinking, it has never been a favourite past time of mine haha). 

But boy was I pleasantly surprised! 

Ocean Soul Retreat is without a doubt one of the best travel experiences of my life. Not only was it an adventure to a beautiful place (Bali is ALWAYS a good idea!) but it was also a journey of self discovery. And a week I will eternally be grateful for!

I’m not just saying this for the sake of writing a blog. I am writing this because I cannot stress to you enough just how valuable and extraordinary this retreat was to me, but also to every other woman who shared the journey with me.

Ocean Soul Retreat is a week long, women-only retreat. If you’re anything like me you probably heard “women-only” and instantly recalled the anxiety and awkwardness of high-school days of walking into a group of unfamiliar girls and desperately wanting them to accept you.  But this time I found the polar opposite! I found myself surrounded by a feminine energy in such a gentle, nurturing and warming environment. The experience in its entirety felt safe, kind, sincere and EMPOWERING.

There was myself and six other women on the retreat, and throughout getting to know one another better, I realised just how inspiring and incredible each and every woman was for their own unique reasons. Embarking on the retreat together, meant we were able to empathise, support and uplift one another when necessary. After just a week, I honestly feel like I have made a little family away from home!

Our daily schedule catered for all of these components... everything from surfing, whole-food and organic meals and snacks to nourish us from within, holistic therapies, cultural therapies, traditional ceremonies, sunset yoga, Pilates or bar classes, sunshine, sand, the sea, optional tarot card readings, optional psychologists, positivity talks, healthy dessert making classes, scheduled massages, daily inspirational quotes and gifts, and of course down time to process and rejuvenate (or as I was guilty of, time to go and get your nails done or buy some lingerie... or both!)   

There were four programs to choose from:

Surf & Yoga program

Yogini's program

Yoga & Pilates program

Holistic healing program

With all programs including -
   *6 yoga sessions
   *All meals - menu was designed by an Australian whole food nutritionist and naturopath
   *2 x Massages
   *1 x Holistic therapy
   *Life coaching session or a 4 hand massage
   *Wellness Wednesday - Nutrition talk & Cooking demonstration
   *Mindfulness talk

Additional activities such as Pilates, yoga, surfing, SUP, SUP yoga, reichi, tarot card reading, Traditional Balinese healing, extra massages, cooking classes and 2 hour spa packages are also available and will be integrated into your schedule if desired.

The friendships I formed throughout the week, the changes and attitude shifts I felt, the internal turmoil I managed to release, the stress I threw away, the new and solidified goals I created, the progress and development I saw in others and the positivity I was constantly surrounded by was infectious and extraordinary.  I could not recommend this retreat to you more if I tried! Take my word for it, this retreat is revolutionary and likely to be a pivotal experience for any woman wanting to focus and reflect on her own happiness, health and wellbeing. I will DEFINITELY be returning, no questions asked!

I would love for everyone to be able to experience this feeling and self-growth. To make it more attainable for you, Ocean Soul Retreat have given me a discount code to share with you to help you get yourself there too! (Yipee!)
There are two Retreats left this year: starting September 24th and October 8th, 2017.
If you want to join one of these retreats, you can use the Discount code “SJ” to receive $795 USD off a twin or master room when you book! (that’s over $1000 Australian!)


Love and light,
Sjana x