70+ Self Date Ideas

70+ Self Date Ideas

Growing up, I was someone who was incapable of being alone. I found so much enjoyment being surrounded by friends all of the time. But in retrospect, I probably RELIED on them too much for my own happiness, rather than looking within and truly seeing what I already had.
Then, throughout my depression and to this day, I am much more of an introvert. I need to be alone with the quiet of my mind to refresh and recover.
being an introvert doesn’t mean I don’t like socializing or that I am awkward when I try to. I get along nicely with other people and still enjoy their company! It simply means that in order to restore my energy, I need some solitude. Where as extroverts gain their energy from socializing.

I think it’s really important for all of us as individuals to be comfortable being alone with ourselves. After all, we are stuck with ourselves for the rest of our lives. So, why not make the time that you spend with yourself positive and fun!
Practicing being at-one with ourselves helps make us more independent and well-rounded individuals. Plus it will help increase your self awareness!

Below are a couple of ideas I put together of ways in which you can learn to enjoy your own company.
Try one or try them all! Whatever you do, do it with a pure heart and an open mind – you may be pleasantly surprised with what you discover…

- Read
- Write
- Bake
- Cook
- Draw
- Take a Yoga class
- Meditate
- Have a bubble bath
- Sun bathe
- Go for a walk
- Go for a run
- Take a swim in the ocean – “get salty!”
- Bike ride around town
- Take up knitting
- Try to sew
- Take photographs
- Learn a new language
- learn an instrument
- Go to the movies (yes, on your own!)
- Get a massage
- Get a manicure
- Get a pedicure
- Go for a scenic drive
- Hang out at a park
- Go on a coffee date with yourself
- Watch the sunrise
- Watch the sunset
- Go sight-seeing
- Go on a hike
- Go Thrift Shopping
- Take a class
- Clean
- Take a personality Test
- Learn more about your star sign
- Binge watch a TV show
- Create a “Good Vibes” Playlist
- Take yourself on a picnic
- Try adult colouring-in
- Take a nap (And “forget” to set an alarm!)
- Write long letters to loved ones
- Get a facial
- Go shopping
- Make a vision/manifestation board
- Do some crosswords
- Do some Sudoku’s
- Go to an art gallery
- Workout
- Organise
- Write a letter to your future self
- Write a letter to your five year old self
- Go for a surf
- Paint Pebbles
- Have a sauna/ Steam Room
- Attempt a puzzle
- Start a blog
- Shoot some hoops
- Plan your dream house on Pinterest
- Make a bucket list
- Start a garden
- Stargaze
- Listen to some Podcasts
- Listen to TED Talks
- Go ice skating
- Watch a sports game
- Make a collage
- Make a mosaic
- Volunteer
- Try water-painting
- Feed some birds
- Collect leaves / Flowers

Love and light,
Sjana x