The importance of #SelfLove

The importance of #SelfLove

When was the last time you did something just for you?
The last time you did something purely because it felt good? Or because it made you smile?
When was the last time you became conscious about the way you treat yourself and chose to intentionally dedicate some time to YOU?

We spend so much time trying to become better or more successful. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, when we become so focused on achievements and goals and meeting the excessively high standards we set for ourselves, we tend to overlook taking care of ourselves.

Many of us are prepared to tell others how to care for their own being, and quite often we are more than happy to help them help themselves. But when it comes to practicing what we preach, too often the ball falls too short.
We’re left knowing how we should treat ourselves, but doing the complete opposite.

And it’s about time we stop.
It’s about time we schedule appointments throughout our days for the simple things that make us feel good about ourselves.
Time we stop surviving, and start remembering those little things that make us feel truly alive.
It’s about time we stop just functioning, and start flourishing.
it’s about time we start watering our own roots and watching as we grow and blossom in to our own truth and beauty.
It’s about time we began loving ourselves, accepting ourselves and forgiving ourselves…

By delighting in the small pleasures, nothing will seem quite as difficult.

This week (February 7th-13th), myself (@sjanaelise), Miki (@mikiash) and Alyssa (@Alyssalynch) are teaming up with Saje Wellness (@sajewellness) to inspire YOU to give yourself some more love, kindness and wellness!

Because we know just how important it is to be able to take some time out for yourself, each day we will be sharing ways that we show ourselves some #selflove and we will be challenging you to do the same!
Let’s call it the #AMSWellnessWeek !

We know there are countless ways to show yourself some TLC (Tender Loving Care) and lovin’! But just incase you were drawing a mind blank, I made a list for you. The following are some tiny self-care ideas that you can incorporate in to your life in a short amount of time and usually with very little cost!

- Give compliments (to yourself and others)
- Start ticking things off your to-do list
- Go Stargazing
- Have a picnic
- Get outside!
- Soak up some vitamin D
- Indulge in the Sea!
- Get amongst nature
- Goof around for five mins
- Try something new
- Baking
- Drawing
- Singing
- Sewing
- Take up Dancing
- Read your favourite book
- Take a different route home (keeps your mind switched on and healthy!)
- Be mindful (do something (or everything) with intention, purpose and awareness)
- Cook your loved ones a delicious home-cooked meal
- Take yourself on a coffee date
- Meditate
- Hug someone
- Write out those bucket lists you’ve always wanted to create
- Start designing your dream home on Pinterest
- Simplify your life – throw away anything that no longer serves you
- Donate to charity (time, money, support – anything!)
- Unplug for a while – turn off your phone and laptop and remember what it’s like to be truly present
- Get out of your comfort zone!
- Play with a pet!
- Exercise! (Find something that you love doing! Exercise should be fun! Not a burden)
- Count your blessings. (Seriously.)
- Take time to simply B R E A T H E .
- Yoga
- Surfing
- Watch the sunrise
- Watch the sunset
- Call an old friend
- Try panting or crafts
- Take a power nap
- Have a good belly laugh!
- Dance around the house
- Burn a scented candle, some incense or put on an essential oil diffuser!  
- DIY spa day (nails, facial, scrub, the whole lot!)
- Buy yourself a massage!
- Be still
- Be silent
- Listen to the birds outside
- Go on a road trip (somewhere you’ve never been!)
- Find some waterfalls
- Lay on a secret beach
- Go for a run/walk
- Check in with your emotions
- Help someone else (without expecting anything in return)
- Splurge a little
- Write out all of your thoughts (a diary is so much more than silly words…)
- Get positive feedback
- Give positive feedback
- Stroke a pet
- Create human connection
- Smile at strangers
- Ask for help (if you need it)
- Prioritise (Ask yourself, “is it a priority of mine today?”)
- Indulge on your favourite food
- Look at old photo albums
- Celebrate the little victories!

You don’t need to do all of these things. Or any of them. But I do double dare you to find the things that make your heart expand and fill your soul with joy, and then do them. Repeatedly. Do them until your filled with so much happiness that it burst through your face and comes out as laughter!

We believe in the power of self love and hope to inspire you to incorporate some of these practices into your daily life too!
Saje Wellness will even be providing 3 Self Care Prize Packages filled with goodies to support your new #SelfLove habits!
To participate, be sure to:
1. Follow @sjanaelise @mikiash @alyssalynch & @sajewellness on Instagram.
2. Take a pic of your daily feel-good ritual, upload it, and use the hashtags #AMSwellnessweek #SelfLove so we can see how you do self love and care!
Good Luck! And happy Self Loving !!

Love and light,
Sjana x