Things That Make Me Smile...

Things That Make Me Smile...

The way the perfect song at the perfect time can seem like it was written just for you in that particular moment. I LOVE the way guys look at girls they are in love with.. 
I love helping others; I think it gives one the biggest sense of fulfilment and accomplishment that can’t be measured.

Or puppies - but everyone loves puppies :)

I love it when your cup of tea is the perfect temperature and taste.

Or when you wake up in the morning and feel completely at ease. Or when you wake up and you know you can go back to sleep. I love the way your body becomes immobile and your brain only slightly active when you reach a certain depth of sleep, but you are still partially conscious.

 The way your body feels after a hard workout.

The way your mind feels after meditation.

Certain smells; mostly to do with memories or people you love/miss.. I know peoples scents and I often find myself missing someone because I have smelt something similar and been reminded of them.

I love natural highs, when you are just in an ultimate good mood; genuine happiness. And when you laugh so so hard your tummy literally hurts and your cheeks feel like they are swollen from smiling so wide.

I love it when dogs or animals in general can feel what you’re feeling.. Its rare, but happens:)

And the feeling of “thrill”.. adrenalin. I love a good thrill ride or adventure.

I love finding those occasional moments in time that you could only define as “serene”.. they are the ultimate moments in life that literally just take your breath away. a sunset - I LOVE SUNSETS.  an unimaginable view/scenery, being in someones arms and never ever wanting that moment to end.

 The perfect kiss.. That sounds so lame, but it’s overwhelming when it’s right. Like really means something, and slow.. The kind where the anticipation is almost better than the real kiss.. Knowing or feeling that someone wants you just as much as you want them.

When guys are TRUE gentleman to women.. Even if it’s not to me.. But when I see guys giving their girlfriends or girls in general flowers, or treats to make them feel adored - I think that is so so beautiful!.

 I love free things. There's something about anything free that makes it seem so much better haha:)

And hugs, of all types! but the best ones are the ones that you NEED. Like you are trying so hard to hold in tears or some kind of emotion and they hold you right at the right time, just at the exact same moment you collapse and they are there to catch you.  ( I love my brothers hugs.. One of my brothers hugs me occasionally, and they are so nice and warm feeling. and the other brother has hugged me twice in my entire life I can remember.. So those feel like the most treasured times with him ever.. even though its awkward as hell, its the thought that counts ) 

Love and light,
Sjana x