Identify Your Values And Find Your Motivation

Identify Your Values And Find Your Motivation

Values are the things that are important to you, important ways to be. They can provide the framework for you to start focusing  on living life and enjoying life. They give you a  guide to the pro-active things to do to feel good, rather than all the negatives and things not to do to stop feeling bad. Moving toward your values will make you feel vital, alive and full of energy. Goals identify an outcome or where you want to get to in life or just one aspect of it. Values, more importantly, identify how you want to live your life. And if you are reading this, I am thinking you want to live an, exciting, energized and extraordinary life.


Ask: Sjana I need you. I am 17 and just finished my atar/hsc and I feel like my life is heading into a black hole. I have no motivation for my life and am feeling so lost with no direction. I am currently unemployed and sitting around doing nothing with my life and that scares me, but I can't find the will to change it. I need your advice more then anything in the world.


Response: Draw yourself a circle, an empty circle. That is your life ! Of course there are already things, roles and responsibilities in there (like family and friends). But you are at a stage in your life  where you get a say, and  a whole lot of responsibility and accountability, as to what direction you go and the life that you build. Around the edge write down all the things the value in life and are important to you - things like self development, financial stability, kindness, morals, house, job, family, social, recreational, health, experiencing adventure etc. And then think about the things that you could be doing NOW (don’t focus on the end result or outcome as that might change over time) which will help you on your journey to the rest of your life and ensure you are true to your personal values. Be specific about your values and come up with something you DO that works toward having that value in your life. You can decide to work on a couple or just one at a time. You will find that because you are working on one, other opportunities open up and the motivation grows to build yourself a more exciting, enjoyable and extraordinary life in other aspects of your life.


Love and light,
Sjana x