Depression can be diagnosed by a doctor. It is more than "sadness" or feeling depressed when something goes wrong in your life or you are disappointed. Often, with serious depression, you won't have any motivation, will not be interested in doing things you would normally enjoy doing, and won't feel any sense of hope that things will get better eventually. It's when you can recognise that there are good things in your life, but you just feel you can't get out of a hole to enjoy it, or like you have an invisible shield around you that repels all the good stuff and absorbs everything negative, whilst keeping you trapped inside it. So no one can tell you are depressed just by looking at you. Sometimes others will notice the "changes" IN you before you even do.


Some of the changes and warning signs, symptoms and behaviours associated with depression may include:-

  • Feelings - empty, numb, sad, teary, apathetic and even angry, irritable, on edge

  • Negative thoughts and beliefs - especially about yourself and your abilities. Sometimes recurring thoughts about death or dying.

  • fatigued, no energy

  • Sleeping too much or not enough !

  • Appetite - eating too much or not enough !

  • A feeling of vagueness or fogginess in your head - difficulty concentrating, "zoning out", poor memory

  • No motivation, apathy, loss of interest in friends, activities, pets, family, favourite things etc

  • Experiencing these for extended periods - days, weeks and even months.


Feeling depressed is like feeling someone put a hole in your "happiness battery cell" and all the happiness is draining away, despite all efforts to recharge it.


Depression can be caused by one or a combination of  things including:

  • chemical or hormonal imbalance

  • medical illness, chronic pain or disability

  • chronic and lasting stress, abuse, bullying etc

  • a traumatic event

  • loss and grief, bereavement

  • genetic predisposition ie family history of depression

love and light,
Sjana x