Every change in life - real, imagined, good, bad, positive, negative - may cause stress. How much it effects us depends on a lot of things.


We can reduce stress by making our lives more predictable, and maybe more boring. Or we can understand that change causes stress, and that stress is inevitible when we lead full and exciting lives. And when we understand this we can  add into our lifestyle some things that help us "manage and  minimise" the effects of stress on us.


Experts suggest having a balance in your life. Yep, we should all WORK and REST and PLAY... and EAT WELL and EXERCISE and GET ENOUGH SLEEP and SPEND TIME WITH OTHERS and ALONE.


Work out what works best for you to "de-stress" - is at talking, is it being active, cooking, relaxing, reading, drawing, meditating, playing with a pet, writing in a journal or on a blog, texting a friend, looking after a younger sibling, giving a hug, getting a hug, watch a funny tv show or movie etc ? Trial a few things and see what works for you.


Also have a look at how good you are at letting go of stress and stressful thoughts. Do you ruminate (let it go around and around in your head) ? or can you just identify and accept the things you can't control and move on with your life regardless. You will find some strategies later on this page and on others, which might be useful in changing thoughts or letting go of thoughts.  A useful mantra at times of stress can be:- 

"This too will pass".

Love and light,
Sjana x