Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders can only be diagnosed by a medical practitioner. Eating disorders are not diagnosed by "body shape". Eating disorders are characterised by and diagnosed on the basis of a collection of behaviours, thoughts and physiological symptoms.



  • food/energy  intake is restricted to less than what is required to maintain a healthy body

  • significantly underweight for height and age

  • disturbed body image (perceives body as fat)

  • significant fascination with online sites and blogs that encourage the illness                                                      and associated behaviours (eg "pro-ana" sites)



  • arises from a cycle of binge-guilt-purge to reduce weight or weight gain.

  • usually following history of extreme dieting or restricted  food intake (including anorexia)

  • purge includes vomiting, laxative use and excessive exercising



  • over-eating similar to Bulimia Nervosa without purge.

  • often linked with being above healthy weight range and ongoing weight gain.

  • also experiences guilt, shame and feelings of loss of control.



An eating disorder is an illness - not a body shape, size, appearance or weight. Just because someone is "skinny" or "underweight" does not mean they have an eating disorder. Similarly, if someone is "overweight".  An eating disorder cannot be diagnosed by a glance of someone, by a photo and especially not by a false accusation or quick judgement. 


There is always a story behind every person. And each story is different. It explains the life, existence and reasonings behind one's presence and being.. Understand that. Know that everyone is the way they are for a reason; mentally, physically and spiritually. And there are so many variable or possibilities to explain the reason, that it is impossible and a little unkindl for us to jump to conclusions and make judgements based on nothing but our first impression of these people (especially if you haven't even met them). 


When you DO know someone's story, it will never give you enough insight still to make assumptions or judgements about them.. Try to be more understanding and open minded if you can - i think the whole world would benefit if we all attempted to do so.


Understand that your words can and WILL hurt others - whether or not they let it show. Think about some of the things people have said that have hurt or offended you.. now think of how your words (intended negatively or not) could potentially impact others..


If someone DOES have anorexia, bulimia, a binge-eating disorder or BDD (body dysmorphic disorder) this also doesn't define them.. they are NOT their disorder - they HAVE a disorder. The difference is slight but HUGE at the same time. I really urge everyone to to think about this within yourselves.. and attempt to differentiate between the two. 


All beings are beautiful and unique; regardless of the social stereotypes or names they are given or give to themselves.


Love and light,
Sjana x