Are you

Are you "fat"? Are You In The Healthy Weight Range?

You are not fat. You HAVE fat. We ALL have fat. And that is HEALTHY!


Your body is meant to have fat. It is intentionally created that way to help keep you functioning and alive; capable. (Women store more fat than men too. This is because it is used as your body's natural way of protecting your organs and reproductive system i.e if you're pregnant it acts as a "bumper" to help shield the baby).Fat is not "ugly". and nor are you.


Your body shape, size, weight, height, hip to weight ratio, measurements, BMI, etc, etc, they do not define you. You are not "size 12, 156cm tall, 72kg's yet flat chested". NO! 


And you certainly are not "fat", "chubby", "big", "too tall", "ugly", "stumpy", "rounded", "a short ass", "obese" or "chunky". NO NO NO! 


You are YOU! And "YOU" is the most incredible, beautiful and wonderful thing that you could ever be. I am not just saying that. I PROMISE you with my entire being. Think about it..You are as you should be - how you were intended. You are a wonderful and incredible creation; a miracle. All the different variables and obstacles that prohibit you from existing are so large that it can not be "ugly" that you are here. Your  existence alone is something so unique and extraordinary. Then factor in all the little details about yourself (the ones you like AND the ones you wish didn't exist) and then take a step back and accept and realise that you are I N C R E D I B L E.  


"Today you are you. Thats is truer than true. There is no one alive, who is you'er than you"

 -Dr. Seuss



You can get an idea of whether you sit in that healthy weight range without using scales or becoming fixated on a number.  Everyone’s genetics and body shapes are different. It does not matter how much I would like a booty like Beyonce, I ain’t ever going to get one! It’s genetically impossible.


So the important thing is to each embrace the body which holds our unique soul and make it a healthy body. Being a healthy weight means your body and mind can function at it’s absolute best.


If you answer yes to most of these questions it is likely you are within the healthy weight range.


Do I eat from a wide variety of whole foods  ?


Do I usually have the energy and vitality to get through each day ?


Are my periods regular ?


Does my body feel comfortable most of the time ?


Do I feel fit, flexible and strong enough to attempt all the activities I want to (within reason) ?


Do I eat regular meals ? and/or when I am hungry ?


Do I get regular exercise most days each week (even just walking or other unscheduled exercise) and lead an active lifestyle ?


Is my hair healthy ? are my teeth healthy ?


Do I feel healthy and alive ?

Love and light,
Sjana x