Healthy Hair

Healthy Hair

Here are 10 of my personal tips for healthy hair. These are only my own personal tips from my acquired knowledge and information I have either been told or read. 

                   Fun fact: hair is genetically programmed to grow to a certain length. 

However, it will not grow that long if you do not the care of it. To keep it as healthy as possible, try some of these things:

1.Try washing it only every few days, if you can. Too much washing can negatively influence the natural oil in your hair (leading to damage, and breakage).

2. Brushing your hair has been proven to stimulate the production of your hair's natural oils as well as realign the roots (apparently helping growth potential).

3. Resist using heat tools on your hair! Singeing your hair with a straightener, curler, crimper or any other fancy schnazzy heating device designed to change your hair's appearance or volume, try stay away from! It is okay to use them on occasion, but be aware that the heat does singe, break and damage your hair. 

4. Bleach and dye is a sure way to break, damage and kill your hair. It is healthier  to stay away from chemicals if you can. Some studies showing these dyes and bleaches to be carcinogenic (potentially Cancer causing). Ask hairdressers for advice and if you do treat or colour your hair at home, always read the instructions and precautions carefully.

5. You can try invest in a good leave in conditioner, hair treatment or moroccan oil to use in your hair after a shower. .This should help keep it healthy and shiny

6. When possible, avoid hairbands. The elastic can cause your hair to snap/break. 

7. I change my shampoo and conditioner every few months. One shampoo and conditioner just doesn't seem to always work, and I can usually tell when it's time to swap brands for a while because my hair doesn’t seem to respond as well to the product. I swap brands for a while, and sometimes swap back again after a few weeks or months; My hair seems to like the change. 

8. Let your hair dry naturally! Avoid blowdryers!

9. Food! Your diet plays a large role in hair health believe it or not!! So foods high in omega-3 are great for your hair! things like avocado, walnuts, fish oil, coconut oil etc. Some other good foods are spinach, lentils, blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes,, broccoli, dark leafy greens and sweet potatoes (all for varying reasons/nutrients they contain, e.g; protein, zinc, selenium, sulphur, iron, folate, vitamin s B, C and D etc)

10. The age old trim. Trimming your hair every 6-12 weeks has been linked (scientifically or anecdotally - I am not sure) with overall hair growth! Ensuring it has healthy ends leads to at least a perceived better growth rate as it does not split/break off.


Love and light,

Sjana x