Hair Removal

Hair Removal

In no certain order and with no recommendations for any one in particular.

Just find none, one, or several, that you feel comfortable with

and fits your specific needs and lifestyle.



Waxing can be done in a salon by a professional clinician or at home by yourself or friend/sister/mum etc. It is simple, relatively inexpensive but potentially uncomfortable/painful option.  (As an aside google youtube vids of guys having waxing done – they can be such wooses !)  Basically a soy-based (or sugary liquid-based) wax is spread on the skin, covered with clean cloth strips, and when the wax hardens the strips are pulled off – pretty much yanking the hair out at the same time. You can get home kits with the wax already on disposable strips and sized for the different areas you might like to do. You  The strips are removed when the wax hardens and the hair is removed with it. Waxing must be repeated at least every 2 weeks. Can leave a temporary inflammation/redness on sensitive skin.



No need for explanation. A time-consuming, sometimes uncomfortable method – but inexpensive if you do it yourself. Always a risk of “overdoing” things like eyebrows – so take care. Again, regrowth is apparent within 2 weeks.



Electrolysis is considered permanent hair removal as it uses a tiny needle inserted into each hair follicle to introduce an electrical current to kill the cells responsible for hair growth. It is expensive needing multiple sessions. It can be painful without the use of a local anesthetic cream to numb the area. It can make some areas uncomfortable and sore for a couple of days.


Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams use chemicals to dissolve proteins in hair. They can be applied professionally or at home. Pretty messy and quite effective but with short-lasting effects – usually regrowth occurs within a week. Some can cause rashes or allergic reactions in sensitive skin.



Popular  method of choice. A temporary hair removal technique (regrowth within a few days) which is economical, a little time consuming but can fit in fairly easily within a busy lifestyle. If done dry, can leave "shaver's rash" for a while.


Rotary Epilators

Rotary epilators use rows of tweezers en masse to pull out hair at the root. It can be uncomfortable, but results can last several weeks. One problem is that regrowth can become visible as it can not be repeated until hair is a long enough again for the epilator to grab hold of.


Laser Hair Removal

Lasers (simply a pulsing light) produce energy that travel down the shaft of the hair to removes unwanted hair by destroying it at the root.  The removal effect is not immediate, the laser weakens the hair and it falls out over time.  It can require about five sessions over time and it is relatively expensive. Also requires follow-up treatments annually. Side effects and risks should be discussed with clinician.

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