Do Not Think It Is Okay To... A Rant By Sjana

Do Not Think It Is Okay To... A Rant By Sjana

Dear anyone and everyone who has ever used social media outlets to discriminate, criticise, hurt, judge, insult, intimidate and cause pain, negativity or conflict to ANY other soul. Do not think that a screen or keyboard makes it acceptable to be so incredibly disrespectful, thoughtless or naive. It does not create a medium for you to take your own negativity or insecurity out on others. You have no right. And NO idea what could really be going on in someone's life. NO IDEA!


I just witnessed a young, innocent girl being attacked with hateful, negative comments; absolute bullying! On her own post on facebook ! All because of her optimism. This girl posted a status; a positive and uplifting quote, intended to help her motivate, inspire and provide hope to those why may need it (including herself). The comments posted horrified me! Derogatory, insulting, and mortifyingly horrible comments, with the pure intent to insult, initiate conflict and be both individually and culturally disrespectful were THROWN at this girl. Everything from harsh one liners, to entire paragraphs, even links to crude photos the bullies believed to be “relevant”.


Take note: saying “no offence” directly before an insulting comment, does NOT neutralise the comment. It does not give you permission to say what you like.


Girls can be so blatantly HORRIBLE to one another! PEOPLE can be so horrible to one another!! And why? Personal insecurity? Self pride? Jealousy? Personal vendetta? Attention? Egotistical value? Reputation/ status? Popularity? Self esteem? “Fun”?! “Likes”?! W H Y ? ! Why why why!!! It infuriates me. I will never ever understand how one soul can have the desire to cause intentional grief or pain to another soul. Is it really so incomprehensible to understand that EVERYONE has suffered, is suffering and will suffer at some stage?


 EVERYONE has a story.


And we just do not know each other's stories well enough to have the right to behave in a way that will negatively impact their life. You have no idea how what you say can effect someone..They may have just been fired, parents split up, they got dumped, a family member died, in debt, a sibling is sick, a friend has depression, they have depression! You just DON’T KNOW! There is no way of knowing whether your words and comment could push them over the edge.


Why be rude anyway? Why attempt to drag other people down? It’s kind of disappointing if you find joy or pride in that don’t you think? Why not uplift others? Provide positive feedback, ask how they are, compliment them! For crying out loud is it really that hard to say something nice? No!


Generally speaking, just because you say someone is disordered doesn’t mean they are. Learn your facts. Rude names, stereotypes, racist remarks..? Just no. Calling someone “too fat” or “too skinny”.. too fat or skinny for what? Your own personal enjoyment? That person does not exist for you. Their purpose is not to gain YOUR acceptance. And unless your goddamn perfect, don’t you dare criticise them on their appearance or things YOu determine to be “flaws”. P.S perfection doesn’t exist.


“Gain some weight”, how about you gain some kindness?

“Lose some weight”, try losing some of your negative attitude.


You’re having a dig at them for being “mentally messed up”? I wonder why they have personal issues with you constantly telling them are worthless. There is no such thing as a “right” or “wrong” person. People are people; uniquely, magnificently and divinely as they SHOULD be. Regardless of whether or not you approve. Everyone is beautiful. Open your eyes and allow yourself to see it! For yourself too! I mean seriously, give yourself a hug, right now. Because you’re not perfect either. And that is just as beautiful!


How do YOU feel when someone says something harsh on your status/photo/tweet/etc .. Pretty horrible huh? So why would you ever even WISH, let alone inflict that upon someone else.. I challenge you. I challenge you to start a revolution; lets call it the kindness revolution. And together, each and every one of us will convert our negative remarks to uplifting comments.. Or if that really is so hard, just say nothing. Or even better, Stand up against bullies! For yourself AND other people. It’s horrible to be confronted with the knowledge that society believe the negative way we act towards each other on social media is acceptable.


It is not acceptable, and we ALL know it!


What are you going to change it? I urge you to send an unnecessary compliment to 2 people. And then those two people to give two compliments to two more people each.. Exactly like “pass it forward”. Imagine the change it would make. We hold that potential. That POWER.


P.S if you just read that, or are reading this now, I appreciate your existence so much. I don’t care if I know you personally, if we’ve met once before or if you have no idea who even wrote this! I don’t care if you accept me or even if you truly despise me. I am appreciative of you because your existence means the world to someone else, to others in need. You mean so much to so many people.. And I think that is truly beautiful. So thank you for just BEING.

Love and light,
Sjana x