270m Above The Gold Coast

270m Above The Gold Coast

There sure is no better way to see a city than from 270m above it, and 360 degree views. 

We suited up (Teletubby-style suits are always my favourite because they usually mean we're about to do something fun and unforgettable!), strapped and duct-taped our camera gear to ourselves, then headed seventy-seven floors up in one of Australia's fastest elevators to the Sky Point Viewing Deck in the Q1 building. Our guide began to chuckle at me when I began taking pictures of the spectacular view. Then asked why I was taking a photo from the inside of the glass when we were about to head to the OUTSIDE?! 
He had a point.
We attached out safety harnesses to a railing, then headed on outside. 
This was our view..

- The Q1 Building is taller than the Chrysler building in New York City.
- Q1 is one of the tallest residential buildings in the world.
- Q1 is 322.5 metres high.
- SkyPoint has one of the world's fastest elevators taking you from ground to Level 77 in 42.7 seconds.
- Australia's only beachside Observation Deck offering stunning 360 degree views of the entire Gold Coast, from the surf to the hinterland and beyond.
SkyPoint is 230 metres above sea level.
- There are 1331 steps from the ground to Level 77.
- Q1 Gold Coast Engineering Facts: 6 piles, up to 2.4 metres in diameter, extend up to 50 metres into rock.
- 61,000 cubic metres of concrete was used to build Q19,300 tonnes of steel reinforcing.
- 250 tonnes of structural steel in the roof and spire.
 -18,926 panes of glass.1000 kms of electrical cabling in the lifts of Q1 was used in the building enough to stretch from the Gold Coast to Sydney!
- Sand from the site was taken by the truckload to replenish Surfers Paradise beach.
 - Q1 sits on 1.2 hectares of land.
- The project cost approximately $255 million AUD.
- The spire is made of steel and glass, is 97.7 metres in height and begins at level 75.
- Illuminated by arc lights, the spire is visible 200kms away.
- During the construction phase a new level went up every four days.

Love and light,

Sjana x