New York, New York

New York, New York

I'd been to New York before. But not in the middle of Winter. I'm not normally a lover of the cold. In fact, I'm the entire opposite. I usually run away and take any opportunity I can to ensure I am on the complete opposite side of the world of any kind of cold weather ... constantly chasing summer, sunshine, sand and salt water!

BUT, something about the fresh snowy mornings and endless cups of hot tea made me feel a little cosy this time. That, and I was travelling with a girl whose heart is made of pure sunshine!

We were only there for four days, but what we did do and see was simply beautiful! Top of the Rock, the Statue of Liberty, Chinese vegetable dumplings and collard greens, wandering through Central Park at 2am, writing our names in the snow, freezing our butts off in the middle of Times Square, Starbucks galore, Brooklyn Bridge, feeding squirrels, Fashion Week Yoga and Wellness events with Bandier Fit and Alo Yoga. We tried Reiki, did THE HARDEST WORKOUT OF OUR LIVES (there were literal tears... many of them... and I can still barely walk!) and participating in National Pizza Day in true style... all of the fun times that could have been had, WERE.

I wish we had more time, because we were non-stop the entire time and I feel like we still ticked almost nothing off the list of what we wanted to do! Regardless, here is a picture book story of NYC, Sjana and Jerrah style!

Love and light,
Sjana x