Red Roses Or A Red Helicopter?

Red Roses Or A Red Helicopter?

Being single usually means that Valentines Day is going to suck. Let's not beat around the bush here... it's an American Holiday designed purely for unnecessary consumerism and based around the notion that love is more important on this day than on any other given day. (Which I thoroughly disagree with). 
With that being said, I am obviously bias in my opinion because my relationship status = 'sadly single'. I will admit that I do admire the day as it is a reminder of affection, romance and often chivalry (which is unfortunately rare these days) AND it does make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside if you do have a Valentine... So I guess the only real negative is being single (haha).
Anyway, this Valentines Day I was in the USA. SO, I decided to mix it up a bit, and take two of my girlfriends out for a Galentines (girl valentines) Day to remember... Who needs boys when we have each other? 

I secretly arranged for the three of us girls to go up in a door-less helicopter over the City of Angels, admire the views (which are absolutely amazing), have a bit of a giggle and snap some photos, then land gracefully back down on the ground with an appetite to fill at a delicious cafe. 

Who wants red roses when you can have a red helicopter? Am I right?!

p.s thanks to Jerrah (@jerrah) and Allie (@alliemichellel) for being my Galentines!!

Love and light,
Sjana x