Tranquility And Adventure Of Island Life

Tranquility And Adventure Of Island Life

I was lucky enough to dodge Australia's bitter winter this year and escape to the tropical turquoise waters of the Cook Islands for 10 days.. Flying in to Rarotonga, and greeted by fresh flower leis and warm smiles I instantly felt at home! I was teaming up with an incredible photographer Sean Scott (@seanscottphotography) and together we were working alongside Cook islands Tourism! With their recommendations we were able to explore the island and it's hidden gems with the added freedom to follow our own creative instincts and scratch our tickle for adventure! We found waterfalls, inland hikes through tropical rainforests, dive spots over old wrecks, plenty of culture, amazing food and even learned how to crack open a coconut with nothing but a stick!!

The bit I remember most fondly from that is meeting some local kids and mucking around with them by the water's edge at sunset.. We found a rope swing and were riding their bikes along the waters edge on the sand and even having cartwheel and handstand contests haha! One time we took a day trip to a clam reef, where on the big boat with about twenty other people, we joined in a cultural song and dance to a ukelele! It was so cute to see the children become so involved and their smiles lighting up their entire faces!! 

I'd definitely recommend that to anyone who goes!! I would also definitely recommend the Cook Islands to anyone wanting a tranquil sojourn in an island paradise. Can't wait to head back myself!

Love and light,
Sjana x