Roadtrip To Exmouth To Swim With Whale Sharks!

Roadtrip To Exmouth To Swim With Whale Sharks!

I’m from Australia, so for me, a trip to the other side of this Land Down Under isn’t exactly the most exotic of travels... it isn’t even overseas! But my gosh was this trip one of the best experiences ever! This trip is just evidence to show that adventure lies all around us, even under our noses and even in our backyards. We just have to be curious and explore.

One of my best girlfriends moved to the little town of Exmouth to become a whale shark educator with Ningaloo Blue Dive Tours, and I’d always said I was going to go see her and find out a bit more about the beautiful beautiful creatures she works with. So, Sam and I did just that! We flew to Perth, hired a campervan and lived out of it for the next twelve days! Trecking up the coast to Exmouth, we saw just how diverse and remarkable Western Australia truly is!

Once we arrived at Exmouth we spent the night catching up with my girlfriend, before roaming around the little town for a few days, making the best of the beaches, spent a few nights camped in the van down by the water in a national park, climbed rugged red cliffs inland on the edge of the desert, then after a few days when the weather was prime we decided to head out on the boat to go test our luck with the Whale Sharks! 

Obviously they are wild animals and their movements cannot be predicted, so trying to find them to swim with them is a bit of a gamble! We had gone up in the spotter plane the day before, but today we heard the spotting process from a whole other level (literally!). With our captain following commands from their spotter-plane friends, we soon found our first whale shark and had multiple swims with him throughout the day! The second day we went out, we had a freak miracle of nature occur and ended up finding over 100 whale sharks in one area!! Since whale sharks are solitary animals that’s pretty much unheard of! Everyone on the boat, ESPECIALLY the instructors and captain were shocked! We were swimming with three whale sharks at any one time! Sharks of all sizes! There was one point where I even ended up sandwiched between two of them! It was incredible to swim with even just one of them! Let alone seeing so many of them! They are truly the most remarkable, humble and gentle animals ever!

I’ve been sky diving, I’ve gone hot air ballooning across the Dubai desert and I’ve seen some of the most incredible places in the world. But of all the things I feel like should be on the top of everyones bucket list, THIS is it!! I will never ever get over how insanely amazing this experience was!

Love and light,
Sjana x