Seychelles By The Seashore

Seychelles By The Seashore

Oh to be beside the seahore in the Seychelles! My brother, Sam,  and I ventured across the oceans , not too sure what to expect! We knew it would be tropical, and the water on google images looked jaw dropping, but I can't actually explain to you just how amazing this trip was!!

We stayed at Constance Hotels Lemuria, where we were completely pampered and spoiled from day 1 right through to day 10! There were breathtaking sunset views from a cliff-side golf course, private beach picnics, the best buffet I have ever devoured or seen, ocean-side restaurants, coastal six-course breakfasts overlooking the ocean on a private setup on the rocks, endless white sandy beaches, bike riding around the island, a hike to a magical location, spa treatments and so much beauty I felt like I was in a fairy tale!!

It was such a divine experience - and definitely definitely DEFINITELY something I suggest everyone tries to experience at least once in their life!


Unfortunately we didn't get to see any turtles, as the turtle season started just after we left. During the season,  there is often the chance you might spot at least one of these rare turtles crawling up the beach, laying her eggs... or maybe even hundreds of little baby turtles scurrying back to the safety of the ocean!! Now that's not something you're likely to see very often!!

One thing I'll never forget, is pretending to be a mermaid in the Seychelles! I bought a mermaid tail online specifically for that trip! And my brother (@samearp) is a really talented photographer/videographer so he captured some awesome footage of me floating freely in the one-piece-wonder! I also made friends with the General Manager of the hotel and ended up swimming in the children's fun-club pool with them, teaching them my mermaid ways! The clear waters around the island and serene environment was a mermaid's dream I am sure.

If I could be a mermaid, I would like to live in the Seychelles. If as a travelIer I got the chance to return to the Seychelles - I would within any hesitation ! Definitely one place that will stay on my travel wish list - regardless of how many times I actually visit. Almost too good to be true.


Love and light,
Sjana x