Amilla Fushi - Your Island Home

Amilla Fushi - Your Island Home

And you're not wrong... No Photoshop, no editing, no filters.. The Maldives are the real deal; Heaven on Earth!

“Amilla Fushi” translated means “My Island Home”. And that is exactly what it is. A home away from home! A place you can retreat to with complete comfort, ease and relief. A place to kick your shoes off, slip into your bathers and throw your head and hands back towards the sun (whilst sipping cocktails of course!)

Only a half hour seaplane flight from Male International airport, Amilla Fushi is nestled nicely away in the UNESCO Biosphere of Baa Atoll in the Indian Ocean.
Unequivocal, elegant and modern, Amilla offers a range of sleeping options ranging from lush lagoon houses, tempting treehouses, spacious seaside estates, relaxing homes hovering above the alluring reef or even a big Beach House sitting comfortably between the tropical island greenery and that illustrious lucid liquid. So regardless of your choice, you will be sure to find a hide-away capable of healing your stressors and sorrows. Go solo, take your other half or even invite your family and friends! Rooms range from 1-8 beds so you'll be sure to find something that is perfect for you! 

You’ll arrive to a welcoming warmth (and I’m not talking about the temperature), surrounded by impeccable service and sincere smiles. Supportive staff will be willing and ready to assist you with any questions and queries you may have from the moment you set foot on the island, until they wave you sincere goodbye when you depart. (IF you can ever leave that is!!)
Greeted with a cool towel and refreshing elixir, we were immediately swept off our feet and off to our house. Jaws dragging along the beach behind us as we attempted to comprehend our serene surroundings. We were escorted up into a treehouse, 12 above the sand and hidden amongst a canopy of coconuts and palm trees. Spacious, simplistic and soul inspiring.

For the next week, days were spent slowly waking up in a bed worth never leaving and sauntering toward the seductive scent of a scrumptious buffet breakfast. Staying in a treehouse, meant we were treated to a morning stretch and movement by the Islands Bodyism Professional and Personal Trainer, a daily massage of choice in the spa and an afternoon studio workout; meaning our days were nothing short from active and entertaining! With enough time for a snorkel in the infamous salty syrup, cruise on the jet skis, an upside down yoga session on the water, a game of tennis, a delectable lunch at your choice of one of the many incredible restaurants the island has to offer and even a sneaky mani/pedi if you’re up to it! We explored above and below the surface, seeking out deep diving holes full of fish and vibrant marine life, and bike riding around the island from one secret spot to another. Breakfast soon became a place to catch up with the Staff and share a giggle or two. Lunches were enjoyed poolside, over looking the blue lagoon surrounding our island paradise, and dinner was nothing short from spectacular night after night. Island cocktails, beach movie nights and special shoreside dinners were also on the menu for anyone who wanted a little extra Island Spirit!

Not only is the Maldives one of my favourite places in the entire world, but Amilla Fushi is now my island of choice. Without a doubt, my week in Paradise was one I will never ever forget and will probably still be raving about when I am eighty! ..No joke!

The staff, the atmosphere, the snorkelling, the accomodation, the food, the health and wellness focus, the marine life, the sunsets and of course that golden toasted tan I left the island sporting! 

Thank you for the memories (and the tan lines) Amilla Fushi.
I will definitely be seeing you again shortly!

Love, Sjana x

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