Hiroshima - Japan Unrivalled With Contiki

Hiroshima - Japan Unrivalled With Contiki

But also very exciting.. .getting from A to B necessitated a trip on Japan’s bullet train - formally known as the Shinkansen! After a day of travel, we arrived at our hotel for a group Teppanyaki dinner!

The next day was a day of adventure! 

We ventured across and beyond from Hiroshima’s Memorial Peace Park and Museum, to Miyajima Island and the Itukushima Shrine! The Hiroshima Peace Park and Museum is such a quiet and clean place. Although rich in history and culture, it can also be incredibly confronting (there are wax dummies in museum showing the impacts of the nuclear bombs etc) and sad… Have you ever read the book "one thousand paper cranes"? Thousands and thousands of paper origami cranes can be found throughout the park in glass cases and hung from statues/memorials… these symbolise peace, resilience and pay respect to the victims.


Miyajima Island is so so awesome!! Steeped in history and surrounded by picturesque beauty! Accessed by a short ferry ride (be sure to absorb the views!) Blue water, brightly coloured shrines and countless temples surround the place! Deers here are "wild" although incredibly friendly and approachable, especially if there is food involved. Warning: they will try to eat anything! From maps to t-shirts, to fresh squeezed juices, ice cream and apples! You name it - a deer will try to devour it! I found the brightest/fullest cherry blossom tree I had seen the entire trip at Miyajima island! Itsukushima Shrine (seen at Miyajima Island) is best known for its "floating" torii gate. Yet another one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites we were able to experience whilst roaming Japan!