LA - Travelling With My Mum

LA - Travelling With My Mum

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past couple of years in the USA and particularly Los Angeles, simply because LA is one of the epicentres in the world for all those creatives forging their way into the creative industries. In saying that however, LA is an amazing place for other reasons - it's got that easy-going vibe encompassing a whole variety of people, cultures and lifestyles. Los Angeles it is truly such a remarkable place with a LOT of character! Which I love!

I had headed over to LA for work, but had incorporated some fun and play and flew Mum over to join me for a road-trip followed by some adventures in the City of Angels. I enlisted the help of LA Tourism to get the most of the time we had there (keeping in mind I still had some work to fit in between some of the fun).

I have made some of my favourite memories in the States..  The incredible people I’ve met, friends I’ve made, souls I’ve connected with, activities I’ve done, places I’ve stayed, places I’ve eaten, companies I’ve worked with and just all round some of the weirdest, wildest and wackiest things I’ve done and seen! LA Tourism put together a Scavenger Hunt (look at Instagram @discoverlahunt) for Mum and I, sending us to all different places across the City of Los Angeles. We discovered adventure on the beaches of Santa Monica and north to Leo Carillo, culture, art, history and contemporary affairs of Downtown LA, and all the cafes and fun stuff in between.

I love Cafe Gratitude! Everything about that place is beautiful. You order by saying “I am…” and then add the name of one of the menu items. You can choose from dishes like “light-hearted”, “thankful”, “blessed”, “strong” etc.  And the staff are all so lovely!

Universal Studios was definitely one of the highlights for me, touring the sets and backlots developed in me a much better understanding of and enthusiasm for the creative world of film. I would feel so blessed to eventually get involved in this creative and exciting world of entertainment on the big screen - maybe one day... maybe only in my dreams. The rides and atmosphere at Universal Studios was second to none as well. I got  a photo with Vin Diesel (made of wax of course but oozing personality even so).

No trip to LA is complete without hikes in at least one of the many canyons. Runyon is my favourite. My favourite mountainside view and photo was when Mum and I had accidentally taken the wrong path (if you could even call it a path – it was more like an intense rockclimb!) to get a view of the Hollywood sign. We eventually spotted the sign and then then realised the view in the opposite direction was equally as spectacular! Overlooking the whole of LA, I felt on top of the world.

Someone a few years ago described LA to me, telling me they were sure I would love it - the vitality and vibrancy, the layback "realness" of it alongside the opulence and fortunes of some amazingly hard-working and talented creatives, entrepreneurs and tech-savvy gurus. Los Angeles  is definitely made for those wanting to work and play ! I will be back soon LA...

Love and light,
Sjana x