Not Your Typical tropical Holiday

Not Your Typical tropical Holiday

I think there are three types of holiday mode we can fit into.

Those who like to relax when they go on a holiday; soak up some sunshine, read a book (or twelve..), lounge by the shoreline, explore with ease and maybe make some snorkelling memories!

Then there are others, who find “relaxing” to be a little uncomfortable even at the best of times. They like to adventure, live on the edge, feel that rush of adrenaline, stay active, workout, and more often than not, find it almost impossible to sit still! Their minds and bodies prefer the fast paced lifestyle, and even on holidays they prefer to be constantly stimulated by something. After all, that is how memories are made, right?

Then there are those, like myself, who like to find the happy medium. Finding balance between active adventure, and rest and relaxation. We prefer a hard workout and green juice in the morning, then gentle yoga and double desserts in the evening. Lounging in the sunshine like a lizard on the beach, and skimming across the sea on a speed boat. Yin and yang. The best of both worlds!

I’d been to the Maldives before. And my first experience was great, don’t get me wrong... but after a few days I definitely did begin to get island fever and was in serious need of some fun and adrenaline! Relaxing is great, but after a while it may start to become more tiring than restful!
And on this recent trip, I was a little cautious that it would be similar. Thankfully, I was proven wrong...

Snorkelling around the temperate waters of the Maldives is a MUST for everyone’s bucket lists! However, at Amilla Fushi Resort, there is so much more than just swimming to add to your list of water activities! Stand up paddle boards, motorised kick boards, jet skis, kayaks and even windsurfing are also available and sure to entertain for hours on end!

On the land, there are bikes and a pool, volleyball, snooker, a pinball machine, tennis, soccer, a spacious gym, workout studio with a seemingly never ending view, a wellness centre and your very own personal trainer and Bodyism lifestyle coach. Then for anyone pamper-ready on their vacation, there is the spa filled with as many treatment options as your mind can create, a nail bar, health café, hairdresser and a barber shop. You can also be indulged and be entertained with an amazing wine cellar, boutique, general store, arts centre, live DJ and musician, and many different restaurants to choose from including Lonu by Australian made and Internationally renowned Restaurateur Luke Mangan. There is also a welcoming Kids Club to keep any younger holidaymakers entertained.

AND to keep things interesting, there are various organised activities for guests scheduled throughout each week.. Everything from poolside cocktails for all guests to meet and mingle, family style barbeque dinners and buffets, to a seaside projector beneath the endless array of stars complete with bean bags for the ultimate movie night.

Easy to say we were not short of things to do, ever!

Amilla Fushi not only made us feel right at home, but also created the perfect sanctuary for finding the balance between relaxation and play!

It was certainly a week I will never forget! (and will definitely be going back ASAP!!)

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Love and Light,
Sjana x