Vitamin Sea - Maldives

Vitamin Sea - Maldives

If you ask me, there's not much that a bit of time, tears, saltwater, sweat or sunshine cannot fix.
Especially saltwater... as they say, it's a bit of "Vitamin Sea".
And what better place to get your dose of the magical fix than in the Maldives?

That indescribable feeling of muting out reality, silencing stress and disappearing beneath the surface.. Saltwater rushing through your hair, the sun on your back, light streams piercing through the surface and dancing to the rhythm of the sea. Weightless, curious and free.

It’s hard not to feel like a Disney mermaid when you’re snorkelling through the unrivalled turquoise waters of the Maldives...
Wandering along a pure white sand beach and slowly wading into the hues of blues, or simply submerging into the salty goodness right off your balcony as if the ocean itself was your private backyard... surrounded by countless species of marine life and fish, finding beauty in every direction you look, it’s as if you’ve been gently dropped into the middle of a flourishing fish bowl of magic!

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Love and Light,
Sjana x