The Great Australian Outback

The Great Australian Outback

I hate to admit it. But up until two weeks ago I was one of those Australians who had never seen half of the incredible country I call home.
I’ve been a coastal beach baby my entire life, and thanks to the many different sports and teams I have been on throughout my life, I have travelled here and there along the East Coast of Australia, and last year went to see the opposite side of the country too when my brother and I did a West Coast road Trip from Perth to Exmouth. But never had I ever been to The Northern Territory. Up until now that is..

Two weeks ago, if you had asked me what I thought the Northern Territory of Australia was like, I would have said something along the lines of “red desert”, “Uluru”, “crocodiles” and “hot”. One of my best friends moved to Darwin for two years and my general knowledge was based off the pieces of information she told me about her life there, mixed with the things I’d seen on television (Territory Cops haha) and the brief information we are taught about Australia in primary school geography class. Which FYI is INCREDIBLY minimal!

And you know what? I would have been right. There IS red desert here. Uluru IS in the NT. There ARE crocs here. And it IS hot. But I now know, it is also SO much more than that..

The Northern Territory (aka NT) is one of the seven States of Australia and occupies approximately one sixth of the countries land mass. To put this into perspective, that’s about the size of France, Spain AND Italy combined!

Rich in history, culture and character, the NT is definitely one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. From the red sandy desert of Uluru, the energetic buzz in the city of Alice Springs, the lush green surroundings of countless National Parks, the picturesque beaches of Darwin, vast mountain ranges, breathtaking escarpments, intricate river systems and the extensive array of wildlife flora and fauna, it’s no wonder why the Territory is a must do for many tourists and proves to be an unforgettable, uniquely Australian experience for any traveller.

Due to the memorable tendency of road trips, the well maintained roadways full of varied scenery, the friendly vibes of caravan parks, and numerous sights to see along the way, an Outback road trip is arguably one of the best ways to experience the Territory’s magic. And a road trip is just how my brother and I decided to venture tip to toe in the Territory too! Twelve days, two adventurous souls, one motorhome and infinite possibilities!

With the help of NT Tourism, we planned an epic sibling road trip from Darwin to Uluru. Camping in out motorhome and stopping off at some incredible places along the way, THIS is what our twelve days looked like!

Love and light,
Sjana x