Tokyo - Japan Unrivalled With Contiki

Tokyo - Japan Unrivalled With Contiki

Straight to the capital to immerse ourselves in the adventure and delight that is Japan.


From the very outset, a city full of energy and all things bizarre!

Walking the streets, negotiating the subway system, using the bathroom and ordering lunch were all everyday tasks that proved to be "interesting" to say the least!

Food is often ordered on a vending machine, squeezing into a restaurant requires talent (they are tiny!!), management of chop sticks is a fine art, crossing the street means being submerged in a blur of bodies and figuring out what you are ordering/eating quickly becomes a surprise! 

Not to mention the outrageous fashion!

Tokyo is home to the World’s Busiest Crossing.. If you do one thing in Tokyo, I recommend you experience it once, twice… or fifteen times! From amongst the stampede at ground level, as well as from above and at a distance… watching the swarms of people scoot, squeeze and scramble through, across and amongst one another, in a somehow orderly fashion, is endlessly entertaining!  

Sushi School is also a must for Tokyo! Watching and learning from Japan’s finest Sushi chefs about how to make sushi from scratch! You can then indulge in your creation, as well as tempura vegetables and soup, and receive your "Qualified Sushi Chef" certificate! 


Also on the “Must-See Sights whilst in Tokyo” is the Asakusa Sensoji Temple – Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist Temple, also known as the Temple of the Asakusa Kannon. Bodhisattva Kannon is renowned and revered for being compassionate and relieving suffering. Devotion to Bodhisattva Kannon is demonstrated through treating everyone we encounter with kindness…(sounds pretty good to me!). In the main hall, a prayer can be said by placing your hands together and chanting “Namu Kanzeon Bosatsu” (which translates to "I place my trust in Bodhisattva Kannon").

You also have to see the Imperial Palace - the Main residence of the Emperor of Japan, Tokyo’s Tsukuji Fish Markets (biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the World), Maid Cafes (an only-in-Japan sort-of-thing), check out the arts (anime and J-Pop music), and last but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST - the Robot Restaurant in the red light district is INSANE!! There is no other word for it! Such a random, quirky and wonderful experience! Definitely worth it!

Love and light,
Sjana x