My Diet - What Do I Eat?

My Diet - What Do I Eat?

I eat what I know is good for my body as well as being conscious of the environment. I listen to what my body signals me it needs (cravings), and I eat accordingly. My diet is not restrictive at ALL. If my body tells me to eat something sweet, I do. If I am craving it, there is a reason that my body is telling me so; I have no intentions of denying myself goodness. I eat everything in moderation, and I eat a variety of foods; my diet changes EVERY day. However, it is important to point out that by “cravings” I mean actual physical/ biological bodily signals that my body gives me - there is a significant difference between a craving and a desire. Desires are mental, cravings are physical. When you start to be able to read your body better by practicing listening to your body and its needs, you will get better at differentiating between the two. I also use the strategy of questioning my cravings. If I'm craving greasy chips and processed sugars, I do not always eat it. I think about the specific nutrients or elements in the food that is the cause for my craving e.g protein, carbohydrates etc. I will usually try to eat healthier/ more natural alternatives for my cravings (nuts, vegie stir fry, tofu tortillas, rice paper wraps, hearty soups, warm zucchini and carrot noodles, avocado sushi, bean tacos etc).

 My eating style is what I refer to as "BYNky" - B for balanced, Y for yummy and N for nutritious. I love tasty delicious food and I always make sure I get the nutrition my body needs to stay healthy. I eat an abundance of whole foods. We are living organisms, therefore to thrive we need to fuel ourselves with other living cells - mostly plant based WHOLE foods. Food that is as natural and unprocessed as possible!

I believe we should be eating less from a packet, and more from the Earth! Filling our plates and bellies with as many natural, colourful and delicious foods as possible. 

I believe that we should be nourishing our bodies, not punishing them! Therefore I do not believe in counting calories or avoiding carbohydrates or sugars etc. Food is there to be enjoyed, to fuel us, to adequately satisfy us and to connect us socially with friends and family!

Love and light,
Sjana x