University Studies

University Studies

 I have been at University since June 2011.  Which, yes, does mean I started uni when I was 16 years old. I left school after year 10, and gained early acceptance to university through an alternative entry. I did a test called the S.T.A.T test; a multiple choice test that measures intellectual capacity and potential for tertiary study rather than memory and acquired knowledge (it’s kind of similar to an IQ test). There was no age limit for this test. The results from this test are converted into an ATAR equivalent, and you do not get told your ATAR but do get informed if you get a high enough equivalent to apply or be accepted into university. The test only allows entry to specific universities and courses, however, bridging courses can be done, as transfers from courses and universities can be made after time.

I started at Newcastle University, and was there for one and a half years studying a bachelor of art (doing all kinds of subjects such as photography, digital media/editing, German, psychology, marine biology, etc). And I then got accepted into Griffith university on the Gold Coast after a year. So I deferred for a semester and moved up to Queensland within that next six months so that I could complete a course more suited to my aspirations.
I was at Griffith University for another two years and especially loved the studio/practical subjects. My workload was pretty much dictated by the timetabling, the availability of subjects and my work commitments (I was part time modelling and full time waitressing at a local cafe/restaurant & bar at the time). Studying Photojournalism was wonderful as I was engaged and enthusiastic about my studies. However, when I began travelling and getting offered jobs as a Photojournalist WITHOUT needing the degree, I decided to defer from Griffith University indefinitely and begin exploring these opportunities! 

In retrospect, University wasn't necessarily a pivotal aspect of my life and wasn't exactly necessary in getting me to where I am today. But it was essential for helping me to get through my life and continue moving forward in my recovery from anxiety and depression one day at a time. it helped give me passion, purpose, inspiration and to rediscover motivation and meaning. 
And I am glad I did it, just for the experience and the friends I was able to make throughout that stage of my life!

Love and light,
Sjana x