15 Tips For Healthy, Glowing Skin!

15 Tips For Healthy, Glowing Skin!

Everyone knows I am no beauty product expert. I don’t wear make-up often or use products religiously or even daily. But I do need to look after my skin, because I do wear makeup for work and sometimes for my own entertainment and fun, and I do live in a harsh climate, and even the travel I do and the sports and activities I enjoy can impact my skin. Let's not muck about. Here are 15 of my tips and secrets you can use to help give your skin the health and glow we all want!

1. Slip, slop, Slap – basic sun protection! The sun can cause so much damage to our skin and skin cells, and not just the stuff we can see, but it can have detrimental and carcinogenic long-term effects also! It’s so important to slip on a shirt, slop on some sunscreen and slap on a hat! Those three simple, little things could work wonders from protecting your skin from the sun’s harsh rays! I am constantly in the sun, but I make sure I wear sunscreen.  If you prefer clear coverage, there are “invisible zinc’s” available, for a little extra protection! Go invest in a cute hat that is versatile and simple (so it goes with all your outfits and bikinis) and an oversized, comfy t-shirt or shift dress so it covers your shoulders if you’re expected to be in the sun for more than just a little while.

 2. Hydration. It sounds so cliché I know. But water is fundamental to our cells. More than 70% of our body’s weight is made up from water and without it you will find your skin starts to show it. Dryness, itchiness, flakiness, uneven skin tone, patchiness, paleness, firmness and the general vibrant glow will all be helped just by drinking your recommended 2L of water a day. Go and get yourself an adorable reusable water bottle (I dare you to find a really funky one!) and then you won’t have to spend your money on carcinogenic plastic (most throw away plastic bottles are made with chemicals that are actually very harmful to our bodies. If you can avoid it, then the tin/metal or glass drink bottles are a much safer and healthier option).

 3.Diet. Foods low in nutritional value and high in sugar, fats/oils and sodium can be large contributing factors in any impurities in our skin. We cannot possibly put those kinds of foreign and unnatural products into our bodies and expect them to be capable of nourishing our body from inside to out. This is why fruits and vegetables, vitamins and minerals, are so so incredible for us! Unlike the “Junk” foods, they provide us with nutrition that is absorbed and readily used by our bodies. Eating naturally can cleanse your skin just by you eating it. Pretty cool, huh?

 4. Face wash. So this is something I get asked, a LOT! “Which face wash do you use and where can I get it?” I usually use a very plain and simple natural face wash, though recently I have been trying a few different ones. I’ve currently got one from Sukin Skincare, as I love that their products are vegan and cruelty free! Another great brand I had tried and loved recently was called “Chinta Island”.You’re more than welcome to try these products, but when it comes down to it, it’s about finding a face wash that is right for YOU. Our skin is all different, some people have dry skin, others are “normal” and others are oily. Some of us have dry skin and then an oily T-zone, and some of us don’t even know what any of this oily, “t-zone” business is about! And that is all okay. Point of the story is, figure out if your skin is more prone to being dry, normal or oily and then go and investigate and read the bottles of face washes to find one that you feel will be good for YOUR skin. Don’t choose on colour, shape or packaging – read the ingredients and find the one you feel is best for you and the more natural and fewer ingredients, the better. When the large, unpronounceable words start showing up, that’s when we put the bottle back on the shelf for a minute and google what the words mean. The more organic and natural the better. Please look out for and avoid any that use “microbeads” in the formulation – they are banned in many countries, but if still being used they are a product that really has a huge and damaging effect on marine environments and animals. If you’re unsure, or have extremely sensitive skin, try going to a chemist, pharmacist or natural/health store. Tell the pharmacist about your situation and explain what you are looking for. They will be able to help you and there is nothing wrong with asking for advice or help.

 5. If you wear make up most days, then I would also buy a soft (not harsh) make-up remover wipe. These also come in handy for road trips, camps, sleepovers etc. Use a wipe first to clear off excess dirt/make up, then wash your face with your cleanser.

 6. If you need it, invest in a soothing facial moisturiser (different from a body moisturiser) or facial oil. I find that I need a face moisturiser/oil most days, and have been using the same brand for almost a year now, and it suits my skin fine! But again, it’s about knowing your skin, guessing, and experimenting with creams until you find one that suits YOU!

 7. Salt Water. Salt water is a natural cleanser. If I haven’t been in the salt water for a few days, my face isn’t shy to remind me! And it makes you feel clean, crisp and fresh also! Try it, go for a dip in the afternoon, then lay on the beach and watch the sunset! Salt water (drinking water mixed with a little table or cooking salt) is a great mouth gargle as well.

 8. Sand is a natural exfoliator. Try picking up a handful and rubbing it in circles on your skin… wet sand works better.

 9. Sweat. Sweat is our body’s way of cooling us down and flushing out all those bad and unnecessary chemicals or toxins. Go for a jog, climb a mountain, go to the gym, ride a bike, sit in a sauna, etc. The sweatier the better!

 10. Sun. IN MODERATION! Many of us have learned the hard way about overindulgence without sun protection and peeled at some time in our life. But taking a Goldilocks approach and getting the “just right” amount of sun and sun-protection, we can successfully give our skin that healthy and radiant GLOW! The sun is one of our major sources of vitamin D. But there is such thing as too much of something good sometimes, so be sure to be conscious of the sun exposure you are having, and making sure you are well prepared and protected always!

 11. Fresh air. Did you ever read “The Secret Garden”? Do you remember a bit where she says the woman told her she looked chirpier and her cheeks were rosier – like she was getting a bit of colour..?  And then the girl said it must have been all the fresh air. She wasn’t wrong! I’m pretty happy to avoid any scientific explanations of why fresh air is good for our skin, and I am quite comfortable expressing my personal opinion and belief that fresh air is good for our souls! And if you have a happy soul, it’ll radiate outwards. Or like Roald Dahl says, it’ll “shine out of your face like sunbeams!”

 12. When washing your skin, use a circular motion, don’t rub or scrub as this can cause irritation – be gentle.

 13. Throw away old make up. If it smells bad or looks different to when you bought it, or you just know you’ve had it for a little too long, then throw it away and get a newer fresher one. Make-up can be heaven for some pesky bacteria! It is recommended that most articles of make-up should be replaced every 2-3 months if possible.

 14. Keep your hair out of your face – the oils in your hair can cause your pores to clog. Make sure it’s nice and clean, and kept off your back, face and shoulders – especially when it’s hot.

 15. Wear a smile. A smile is without a doubt the most beautiful thing someone can ever wear. No one will even notice that sly little pimple if you flash them your pearly whites!

Love and light,
Sjana x