A New Moon Resolution

A New Moon Resolution

Saturday the 18th November 2017 there is a new moon.

Technically speaking, the new moon represents the start of a new lunar cycle which occurs every 29 days (give or take). It is not LITERALLY a new or “different” moon. It is simply the way we are able to see it from earth and the shadows it has or hasn’t got cast upon it.
When there is a new moon, the earth, moon AND the sun are all positioned in one straight line. Which is a pretty groovy concept if you ask me!
But at this time, we cannot actually see the moon as the sun casts it’s light on the side of the moon we can’t see.

Spiritually, a new moon is symbolic of so much more though.
You see, the moon itself is such a powerful force. It is what moves the ocean tides, it is responsible for a lot of the energy and emotions that you possess within yourself and just like the sun, it can even help plants to grow!
They say that a new moon is a fresh start; a new beginning! And it is the perfect time to start a new project, or invite a new routine in to your life.
It often is associated with large life shifts happening, and growth, progression and the beginning of new pathways on our journeys.

But too often we are so excited for these new phases of our life to begin, we forget to take a look back and find gratitude for the paths we have already walked upon – the very things that got us to where we are.
So, this new moon I encourage you to take some time to reflect, acknowledge and truly APPRECIATE the past few months, years, or even the past lifetimes you may have had.

By reflecting back on your old goals, you can clearly set yourself new ones too.
What is your new moon intention? What kinds of things do you want to achieve under this new moon?
Just like New Years Eve, we can start anew and make the conscious decision to start creating positive changes; new rituals, habits and perhaps even create a “new moon resolution”…

This new moon, I’ll be celebrating from Byron Bay on Australia’s East Coast of NSW.
I’m currently here attending a 7 day detox retreat, and so this new moon could not have been more perfectly timed!
I will be using the new moon and this retreat to set myself new intentions, goals, rituals, habits, as well as alter those things in my life I am better off without and inviting in new exciting and helpful things too!
I’ll be setting myself a New Moon Resolution.

I’ll light some candles, burn some incense, cover my third eye and heart space with some lavender essential oil, get on my mat, do a couple of moon salutations, and then I will write down all of the things in my life I feel are holding me back from being the person I wish to be. And then write a separate list of all the things I can do to create that change.
And I urge you to do the same…
These things can be as simple as setting your alarm fifteen minutes earlier, drinking more water, creating more art, making time for exercise or spending time with yourself etc. these things don’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) hard or unachievable things.. Just write down all of the little things you can do to begin creating space for new, healthy and helpful habits. And then learn to recognize those subtle shifts in you everyday life – filling yourself with a sense of gratitude and joy when you do achieve these things!

You are in control of your own life.
The new moon will not change your life for you- but it does open the gate up for you to change it for yourself!! The universe is behind you 100% and wants you to be the best, happiest and most content version of yourself too!

I wish you all the happiest of new moons!
These times can be truly powerful and pivotal in helping us to alter our lives – don’t let it go to waste!!

Love and light,
Sjana x