A Letter From Sjana

A Letter From Sjana

Dear Friends


"Your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds"  (Author unknown)


I’ve been living off about 3 hours sleep a night for the past few weeks,  I haven’t been in the sun (which anyone who knows me knows I gain my energy and greatest happiness from being in the sun and feeling it’s rays against my skin.. Serious heliophelia!) I’ve worked more in the last month than I have ever worked in my entire life and have been so caught up on priorities and work that I have had NO relaxation or down time. I’m mentally and physically exhausted and today at work I finally reached my limit; my biggest burden is letting other people down - I find I get my happiness and joy from helping others, so if I frustrate someone it really gets to me because I know it gets to THEM. I avoid at all costs. And then someone made the rudest remark at me I have ever received and from then on I played the “don’t cry” game with myself for about an hour before I was told my day shift was up and to have a rest before the night (I’m working again tonight). I pretty much ran out and as soon as I was out the door I broke down. I rarely ever cry, I prefer to be strong and act as if nothing is bothering me. But I really couldn’t today.. (It probably didn’t help that I am completely drained and exhausted) I have other issues and problems and stressors that made it all build up into one huge emotional bubble. So I sat in the fire escape balling for about 20 mins then woke up to myself and realised that I don’t have to feel this way. My thoughts create my life. I can decide to let these things continue to build and get to me, or I can simply decide that I don’t need the negativity, breathe out, take a step back, look at my situation from a different perspective and learn from it rather than stirring in it. My mind is a garden, my thoughts are the seeds. I want to grow beautiful flowers, definitely not weeds! And not even just in this aspect of my life - in all areas! Our minds are such incredible and powerful things, so I plan on utilising that strength for good not bad - being positive and spreading it! Lighting others lives if I can rather than exerting a negative aura. So I will :) Are you with me? What kinds of difficult, unfair or stressful things are happening in your life? Have you been dwelling on them and possibly magnifying the problem? Making it seem larger or more problematic than it really is? How can you proactively change the situation and your thoughts? How can you benefit others AND yourself by altering your thoughts?

Breathe. Now do it - I’ll be doing it too.

Lets grow some amazingly beautiful flowers!  


Love and light,
Sjana x