Happiness Checklist

Happiness Checklist

I know sometimes it’s hard to start a week off with a positive attitude, but I PINKY PROMISE you that if you do, you can have more of an influence over the outcome of your day/week than you realise. The mind is such a powerful thing! You can’t create your own life; there is always going to be aspects and situations that occur and are out of your control and no matter what, destiny will always take hold, but you ARE in control of your attitude. You decide how you react and see things. You can let the past haunt you and negatively influence your decisions in the present and future, you can let a small unexpected thing get you down and ruin your entire day, you can let stress build and procrastinate, OR you can understand that only so much of your life is controllable, and embrace the mystery regardless. Here’s a happiness checklist I DARE you to try:


1. Smile (force it if you have to. But it is proven that smiling triggers muscle memory, automatically improving your overall mood even if you don’t feel happy! It’s almost impossible to wear a smile whilst thinking of a negative thought or time - try it) AND smiles are infectious for all the right reasons! If you have the ability to brighten your day as well as someone elses with something so simple - DO IT! I bet you feel even just a little better!

2. Do something Selfish; something that makes you feel good/relaxed/rewarded. It’s about indulging in little things that make you feel good everyday to stimulate your rewards system and to reinforce the positive choices you are making. Have a bath, go for a run, read a book, eat a block of chocolate, watch a sunrise, play with the dog, play with a little kid - be enlightened by their free spirit, feel the sand between your toes or jump on a trampoline! Do anything that gives you a sense of pure JOY (the feeling of grinning on the inside!)

3. Do something selfless! I call them ARK’s (Acts of Random Kindness). And they can be anything from genuinely asking how someone is and meaning it, to walking the neighbours dog because they’re sick or helping someone carry or pay for their groceries, or even pulling someone up when they drop money and giving it back to them. I can assure you that they will appreciate it, but you wil also be blessed with good Karma and feel amazing for doing something good for someone else. Its amazing how much being kind to others is underestimated. Its one of the simplest but incredible gifts you can give someone - and it’s free! Yipee!

4. Don’t procrastinate. Know what you have to get done and allocate adequate and sufficient time towards it. Succeeding and releiving yourself of one extra job is always a good way to boost your overall happiness and reduce anxiety

5. Stress less sugar! Stressing about a problem won’t make it go away - it will increase your anxiety and minimise your potential and ability. Take a breath and realise that how you react in that moment is your CHOICE. You can let the stress get to you, or you can relax a little and make strategic decisions that will help you get out of your stressful situation! 
Nothing lasts forever, including stress! As long as you are trying your best and committing yoyrself 100% to the cause, ultimatelythat’s all anyone can ask anyway :) 

6. Look for simple beauty surrounding you; things like fresh water, shadows, the way people smile when they are REALLY happy or the way they smile when they are looking at someone they love, a puppy so young it can’t run straight, sunlight on your back or face, or the way there is always things you’ve never noticed before if you look close enough at something. It’s the simple, little things. Why deny yourself the simpler pleasures in life?

7. Tell someone you love them - too often we forget to remind those around us how much they really mean to us. And doing so sparks an indescribable feeling :) it’s always nice to know you feel adored and cherished by someone - give someone else that gift and I’m sure Karma will reward you equallly! 

8. Remember these 3 things: - “today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you” Dr Seuss
- “everything happens for a reason”
- “when something is meant to be, it will be”

9. Be patient; we don’t have full control over every aspect of our lives, and yeah that can be intimidating or daunting, or it can be wonderful. Find beauty in the unknown. Embrace it. 

10. Say what you need to say! There is nothing that haunts us more than the things we WISH we’d said. You never know unless you try. If there is something you want to say to someone, then today is the day to express it! There’s no time like the present:) Especially if it something positive or nice that might  give some emotional warm fuzzies to someone else as well. My Oma used to say to her kids (my Mum)

"Rather than hold to your chest

The words you should share

Speak out gratitude,

Remorse, compassion and care."


11. It sounds so cliché, and so obvious, but sometimes it’s easy to forget the simple things; nourish your body - eat well, drink water and stay active. Your body = your choice. Choose to treat it with the goodness and respect it deserves. Eat balanced, in moderation from all 5 food groups. Allow yourself those little treats here and there. Don’t feel guilty if you eat a bad meal, think of it as a reward for being so good the rest of the time! Cleanse your body with water - the benefits are endless! Exercise; release endorphins, improve sleep quality and reduce stress (whilst working your way to ultimate sexiness!) and sleep well and for long enough! 

12. Last but not least - if you knew this was your last day today, what would you be doing? Why aren’t you doing it anyway? .. Think about it.

Love and light,
Sjana x