Increasing Your Self Esteem Is As Easy As A,B,C,D!

Increasing Your Self Esteem Is As Easy As A,B,C,D!


Here are some things that you may find helpful in your own life, or even helpful when being caring or empathetic towards others! If you have any of your own, feel free to add them to the list! x


Acknowledge the things you dislike about yourself, as well as acknowledging the things you DO like. However, accept that there are things about yourself you cannot change.

Accept your flaws and imperfections with grace knowing that it is those flaws that make you wonderfully, divinely and splendidly perfectly imperfect for YOU!



Sounds so cheesy and cliché but I promise you see belief is such a powerful tool. Knowing that the only (mental) limitations are the ones you give yourself (these include self: doubt, scrutiny, hate, discouragement, criticism etc) and that if you aim for the moon you will ALWAYS land amongst the stars. I understand that physical limitations (injury, lifestyle/living situations, family, disability etc) can all become contributing factors and may be very rational and legitimate obstacles, but believing in yourself doesn’t mean believing everything is perfect when its not, it’s about believing that even though there may be unpredictable obstacles in your way, you can choose how those obstacles effect you and how you either work around them or hurdle them with ease.



Character, I believe is what shines through ones resilience is needed/displayed/demonstrated. Being able to laugh at yourself, make light of situations, look at the positives rather than focusing on the negatives, and bouncing back up from situations that should have he’d you down.

Confidence is also there, but it’s a funny thing. Confidence doesn’t need to mean you are “stuck up”, it just means you are courageous enough and brave enough to tackle things head on even with the knowledge that you may come out second best. However, it’s that same confidence that will be the things in life you regret the LEAST! because in retrospect, we only regret the things we didn’t do, the chances we didn’t take and the words we didn’t say.. don’t you think? Because it’s the mystery of not knowing what COULD have been that brings us regret.. 




D - DO what makes you feel good! Write a list of places, people, events, feelings, smells and even tastes that make you feel good (these can be ANYTHING from a good book, to a long walk, a bubble bath, an intense workout, a spa treatment, a scented candle, a block of chocolate, some really good music whilst zoning out etc). Know that indulging in these is actually a GOOD thing for your self esteem. rewarding yourself and mentally reassuring yourself with these rewards by saying “you deserve this, well done”. these rewards, no matter how  little, odd or insignificant they may seem on paper will help stimulate your brains rewards system, reinforcing positive behaviour as well as self love, belief and self esteem!

Love and light,
Sjana x