If You Try To Be Someone Else, Who Will Be You?

If You Try To Be Someone Else, Who Will Be You?


Anyway, if you have read the little blurb at the start about me you’ll realise that attaining a body like mine is near impossible. To most people, a body like mine would usually mean they are unhealthy, my metabollic disorder makes me a rare exception and I am very lucky to be able to consume food the way I do and maintain a slim physique, however the muscle and fitness I do work for. You (or anyone else) cannot achieve a body identical to mine, or Miranda Kerr’s, or Oprah Winfreys or even Ronald Weasley's because our bodies are MEANT do be unique, different and completely beautiful in their own divine ways. I get asked a LOT, “what exercises do you do?”, “how often?”, “what do you eat?”, “how much, how often?” “I’m going to eat and exercise exactly like you do so i can have a body like yours..” and quite frankly, it’s just irrational to believe doing so will make two bodies identical. there are so many variables determining the way our bodies are composed: genetics, bone structure, metabolic rate, muscle mass, starting weight, height, age, sex, activity level, even stress levels, and resting heart rate! For example, let’s you and I become best friends with Beyonce and spend every waking hour with her and eat EXACTLY as she does and exercise in the same ways at the same times, our bodies will not begin to look like hers in the least.


You’re an individual and you’re created wonderfully and beautifully unique! Once you understand and accept that, your life will begin to change for the better in such a positive way! And the confidence and self-love will grow.


And besides; why would you ever want to be someone else, when you are already YOU! You have the ability to become whatever kind of person you wish to be. My advice: work on becoming the kindest, nicest, most caring and understanding person you can be. Become a person others love to be around and are inspired by. Being healthy and fit doesn’t define someone, it is just a part of who they are.. SO have your health and fitness goals, but ensure they are rational and healthy, as well as achievable. but remember at all times that a person is defined by their personality, values and attitude - that’s what you’ll truly be remembered for.


Love and light,
Sjana x